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REVEALED! What Happened Next in 'The Greatest Job Interview in the World' from Grant's Whisky


LONDON, November 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Back in August, Grant Whisky's search for a new Global Brand Ambassador set pulses racing in more than 100 countries. 

The brand invited three final candidates to travel the world with a suitcase full of whisky on an epic 10-day journey as part of The Greatest Job Interview in the World. Their journeys echoed the legendary trip undertaken in 1909 by Charles Grant Gordon, son-in-law of company founder William Grant.

To view the Multimedia News Release, please click:

If this is the interview, imagine what the job is like. 

The opportunity captured imaginations all over the world, generating almost 5,000 applications from candidates in 103 countries. Hopefuls were initially narrowed down to 20 who were flown from 13 countries to attend 'The Mixer' event in Dufftown, Scotland, the brand's spiritual home. After a series of challenges, three finalists - Amy, a PE teacher living in Madrid; Danny, a whisky barman from Edinburgh and Linda, a radio presenter from Johannesburg - were then each sent to three different worldwide destinations to 'live the job' for ten days.

Between them, the finalists covered more than 51,000 miles, visiting 15 cities in nine countries across five continents, undertaking 20 international flights. They segwayed around Tel Aviv, tuk-tuk'd across Mumbai, rickshawed across Taipei and soared by seaplane over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Amy mixed cocktails in Krakow while Daniel led tastings in Taipei and Linda DJ'd in Colombia. Their ultimate goal was to bring to life the brand's motto, Stand Together.

Check out the highlights video - who you think deserves to be named Grant's Global Brand Ambassador?  

The successful candidate will travel to many more countries in 2018 to spearhead a series of special events.  

Oliver Dickson, Associate Brand Director, reflects: "The response to the campaign has been simply remarkable. When we started this process who would have thought we'd attract such a talented and diverse array of candidates?

"We've certainly tested their stamina, skills and resourcefulness, but most importantly we've been able to see how their passion translates across different cultures. All three of our finalists embodied the 'Stand Together' spirit of the Grant's brand which makes the final decision all the more difficult."

The new Grant's GBA will be revealed on 30th November 2017 on Grant's official Instagram and Facebook channels.

For more info see @GrantsWhisky on Instagram or search Grant's Whisky on Facebook.

Oliver Dickson, Associate Brand Director, William Grant & Sons

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PRN: WISE Awards 2018 - Submissions Now Open for Impactful Education Projects Thu, 16 Nov 2017 10:01:05 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

WISE Awards 2018 - Submissions Now Open for Impactful Education Projects


DOHA, Qatar, November 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Submission deadline: 13.00 GMT, January 30, 2018 

The World Innovation Summit for Education has announced that the submission period for the 2018 WISE Awards is now open. The announcement came during the eighth WISE global summit, in Doha.

Applications and nominations for the 2018 WISE Awards can be submitted from now until 13.00 GMT, January 30, 2018.

Each year, the WISE Awards recognize innovative and impactful initiatives addressing today's most urgent education challenges. Past WISE Awards projects have addressed diverse topic areas, including access and inclusion, design and ecosystems, digital and multimedia, society and workforce, and more.

Submissions are judged according to strict criteria. They must show innovation, have a clear development plan, and be financially stable, scalable and replicable. They must also demonstrate a transformative impact on individuals, communities and society.

During the course of 2018, a panel of independent judges will select 15 WISE Awards finalist projects. The six winning projects are then selected from these finalists. The judging process will be overseen by independent education consultants.

The finalists and winners gain global visibility and opportunities to collaborate through various platforms, including the global Summit and WISE events across the world, WISE communications and publications. They also receive $20,000 (US).

Applications and nominations for the 2018 WISE Awards can be submitted online at:

About the WISE Awards: 

Each year, the WISE Awards recognize and promote six successful innovative projects that are addressing global education challenges. Since 2009, WISE has received over 3,000 applications from more than 150 countries. To date, 54 projects from a wide variety of sectors and locations have won the WISE Awards for their innovation, positive contribution and potential for scalability and adaptability. These projects represent a growing resource of expertise and sound education practice. Year by year, WISE is building a community of education innovators which offers a fertile environment for ground-breaking collaboration. Today, the WISE Awards network comprises pioneering projects that are helping bring real change to societies and communities.

About the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE): 

The World Innovation Summit for Education was established by Qatar Foundation in 2009 under the leadership of its Chairperson, Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser. WISE is an international, multi-sectoral platform for creative, evidence-based thinking, debate, and purposeful action in education.

PRN: Conviva Announces First-Ever OTT Operational Best Practices Research Study Thu, 16 Nov 2017 10:01:04 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Conviva Announces First-Ever OTT Operational Best Practices Research Study


MTM Surveys Leading OTT Publishers and Service Providers on How They Overcome the Limitations of the Internet to Deliver High Quality Streaming Video to Consumers

FOSTER CITY, California, Nov. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Conviva, elevating the way OTT businesses use data-driven intelligence with their Video AI Platform, today announced the release of a research study conducted by MTM, an independent research and strategy consultancy, that explored OTT operational best practices across leading publishers in EMEA and North America. The study specifically looked into how much time and effort is expended to both discover and fix service delivery issues such as high buffering, low bitrates, and slow video start times that lead to decreased viewing times, session abandonment, and even churn.

"The Internet was not designed to support large scale, high quality video streaming and yet our customers have no choice but to use this medium to deliver video as more consumers move from traditional pay TV services to a wide variety of OTT services," says Dr. Hui Zhang, CEO of Conviva. "This study reveals not only the diversity of approaches that leading OTT publishers are utilizing today to deliver their service, but also the myriad of opportunities technology providers, like Conviva, and others should understand to help build better streaming services and to make the internet work for video."

One of the interesting and unexpected findings from the research study was the realization that there is no such thing as a typical OTT publisher â€�” the original goal was to find commonalities across publishers to establish economic benchmarks. While the broadcast industry has adopted common standards and practices for delivering content, OTT publishers utilize a variety of approaches to managing video delivery and ensuring viewers receive a high quality of experience (QoE). While no common business model was found, there was resounding agreement amongst those surveyed that one of the most difficult operational tasks is performing root cause analysis of issues such as re-buffering or stream failures. Most respondents also agreed that automation or machine learning would help them with diagnosing the of root cause of any problem.

"We set out to build a business model for the OTT industry to better understand the economics of delivering high quality, error free streaming experiences," said Nick Thomas, Associate Director at MTM.  "Instead, amongst many other interesting findings, we discovered that most OTT publishers have very unique policies and procedures for operating their service and dealing with delivery issues."

This research study has uncovered the incredible opportunity to establish standards in running a successful OTT business. Industry trade groups, such as the Streaming Video Alliance (SVA), should consider establishing industry-wide agreed standards about what constitutes a high-quality streaming video experience in a way that consumers can understand and publishers can benchmark themselves against. Furthermore, there is an opportunity for OTT publishers to share knowledge and best practices with their industry peers related to operating, alerting, and issue resolution. This could improve the quality of streaming video across the industry, potentially accelerating the overall growth of OTT streaming video. 

The research study was first revealed last night at Conviva's launch party at The Hoxton, Shoreditch with OTT industry executives from all around in attendance. To learn more about the study and to read the whitepaper, visit

About Conviva

Conviva powers every internet-connected screen with the most engaging viewing experiences imaginable by elevating the way OTT businesses use data-driven intelligence. For years, HBO, Sky, Turner and the like have been using Conviva's Video AI Platform to enlighten, reveal and inform with important insights around consumer in-screen viewing experience allowing them to connect those metrics to important business outcomes. This allows customers to not only maximize subscriber retention and growth but also understand content and viewing trends so that they can deliver more personalized viewing experiences. We make engagement a data driven outcome based on actionable quality of experience (QoE) analytics. Conviva is privately held and headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, with offices in New York and London. For more information, please visit us at


PRN: French E-commerce Giant Cdiscount Starts Using the Bringg Platform to Provide Superior Customer Experience Thu, 16 Nov 2017 09:02:45 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

French E-commerce Giant Cdiscount Starts Using the Bringg Platform to Provide Superior Customer Experience


PARIS and TEL AVIV, Israel, November 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Bringg provides Cdiscount customers with full visibility across their deliveries, enabling them to track their deliveries in real time 

Bringg announced today that Cdiscount, the leading e-commerce retailer in France, is rolling out its platform across their delivery operations.

The technology will be initially used to improve the delivery process for large household items, enabling customers to track deliveries in real time, communicate with drivers to make special arrangements, and provide feedback on their deliveries.

Bringg's platform was successfully piloted at Cdiscount earlier this year, showing high levels of customer satisfaction on their delivery experience thanks to the ability to follow drivers and engage with them in real-time. Based on these results, Cdiscount is rolling out Bringg's customer-centric technology for customers in Bordeaux, Lyon, and Paris; followed by nationwide deployment in 2018.

Raanan Cohen, CEO of Bringg said: "I'm delighted to be working with Cdiscount, a forward-thinking company renowned for their e-commerce and logistics innovation. Their pioneering ethos provides them with a strong competitive edge, so I'm glad they've chosen Bringg's platform as the basis for creating the most advanced and satisfying delivery experience for their entire customer base."

Pierre-Yves Escarpit, Operations Director at Cdiscount added: "Delivery is key to our business and to our clients. By partnering with innovative startups like Bringg we strive to offer the best delivery service to our client: fast, accurate and convenient."

About Bringg: 

Bringg is the leading customer-centric logistics solution for enterprises, with customers in over 50 countries including some of the world's best-known brands. Our technology platform helps companies in logistics, retail, food, CPG, and services industries streamline every aspect of their delivery ecosystems - from the headquarters and the dispatchers, through warehouse managers and drivers, and all the way to the end-customer - by enabling to create the perfect delivery experience while improving efficiency and visibility, all in real-time. For more information visit

About Cdiscount: 

Cdiscount, a subsidiary company of the Casino Group, is a major online retailer in France. It has reported outstanding growth and generated business of nearly €3 billion in 2016 supported by a constantly growing Marketplace, with products sold by more than 9,000 partner merchants. Focusing on its core values, proximity and audacity, Cdiscount's teams strive to make everyday products and services affordable to everyone, while working hard to better understand and serve our customers' needs. For more information visit

PRN: Zippo Encore Rocks on in Partnership With Stone Sour Thu, 16 Nov 2017 09:02:34 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Zippo Encore Rocks on in Partnership With Stone Sour


LONDON, November 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Zippo Encore today announced their sponsorship of Stone Sour's 21-date European winter tour. The three time Grammy nominated, multi-platinum selling rock band are touring in support of their recent hit album Hydrograd.

     (Photo: )

     (Photo: )

     (Photo: )

Kicking off on November 15th in Copenhagen and wrapping up in Milan on December 15th, at each stop on the upcoming Europe wide trip, fans will be able to purchase limited edition Stone Sour lighters. The only opportunity to buy these pieces of rock memorabilia is at tour dates, so you've got to be there to get your hands on one. The album artwork for Hydrograd served as inspiration for these highly collectible lighters that will no doubt prove popular with hardcore fans of the band. Fans will also have the chance to rock out up front in the press pit if they are one of the first to buy these lighters at select dates, as well as the opportunity to spin the wheel to win awesome Zippo prizes.

The tour sponsorship is one of many live events where Zippo celebrate its rich live music history and pay tribute to the iconic lighter in the air moment synonymous with rock concerts. The historic encore moment, often considered as the ultimate fan salute, dates back many decades. During this time the classic Zippo lighter has become a celebrated piece of musical iconography. From starring on album covers to filling in for lost guitar picks, the iconic windproof lighter has cemented itself in rock music history.

"In a time when you go to a concert and constantly see cell phones in the air, it's amazing to go to a hard rock or heavy metal show and always see Zippo lighters held high in the crowd. It's such an iconic moment to witness from stage," said Corey Taylor, Lead Singer, Stone Sour. "Zippo has been a constant supporter of rock music and us as a band, and we are excited to continue working with a company who has proven to be a true ally of rock n roll."

Lucas Johnson, Global Brand Manager, Zippo said of the partnership: "Since the program's inception in 2012, Zippo Encore has connected with more than 4.7 million live music lovers at festivals and on tour. We're ready to rock with Stone Sour this winter to continue the Encore spirit right through to 2018's festival season."

PRN: EY expands European teams' presence to advance blockchain development worldwide Thu, 16 Nov 2017 09:01:02 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

EY expands European teams' presence to advance blockchain development worldwide


-  Multimillion-dollar investment in blockchain talent, technology and facilities within Europe

-  Growth is integral part of EY strategy to provide companies globally with blockchain-based capabilities

LONDON, Nov. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- EY today announces that it is expanding its European teams that develop innovative products based on blockchain technology to address current and future client demand. The European expansion is an integral part of the EY continued focus on supporting companies worldwide to use disruptive technologies like blockchain to transform their businesses.

EY - Building a better working world (PRNewsFoto/EY)

Multimillion-dollar investment in talent, technology and facilities will see blockchain teams in Europe quadruple over the next 12 months and expand the EY  blockchain development footprint worldwide, connecting its teams with established blockchain development hubs in New York, London and Trivandrum, India, which are housed within EY wavespace™, the global EY network of growth and innovation centers to help clients make radical breakthroughs in business transformation by tapping into innovative thinking.

Paul Brody, EY Global Innovation Leader, Blockchain, says:

"We are expanding our blockchain teams across Europe, beginning in France, the UK and Germany. These expanded development teams are aligned with our global R&D labs and will be integrated with our financial services and business operations teams to enable business-led, innovative products that address industry issues using blockchain technology. Our target is to double our investment in new product development in Europe around blockchain technology and integrate all of these into our global blockchain community."

More than 50 EY clients in 15 countries have signed blockchain agreements in industries ranging from logistics, to consumer packaged goods, to banking. Projects in Europe include a private blockchain project with BNP Paribas' ALM-Treasury department to optimize the bank's global internal treasury operations, and the launch of an EY wine blockchain in Italy, created by EY and start-up EZ Lab to help document the quality and geographic origin of wines made in Italy.

Dan Higgins, EY Global Technology Consulting Leader, says:

"What distinguishes the EY approach in blockchain is the built-in regulatory compliance and audit capabilities within our platform, combined with our global footprint. And while the technology was developed in the financial services sector, blockchain has applications in multiple industry sectors as it enables true peer-to-peer interactions with minimal additional infrastructure requirements. The time has come for blockchain to move from a niche sector play to reshape how entire industries work."

There are a number of EY blockchain platforms being built and designed to support industry process and operations platforms with patent-pending applications of this emerging technology, which already include:

  • EY Ops Chain, an ecosystem-level supply chain platform for large enterprise networks. Using EY Ops Chain, companies can procure and trace products as they move through global supply chains, tracking everything from product security to cost data along the way. EY Ops Chain is one of the first blockchain-based solutions integrated with SAP Leonardo digital innovation system.
  • EY Tesseract, an integrated mobility platform underpinned by blockchain technology. The platform facilitates fractional vehicle ownership, shared use and seamless multimodal transport and it will help lay the groundwork for how autonomous vehicle fleets can be owned in the future and provide access to a variety of on-demand mobility options.
  • The world's first blockchain platform for the marine insurance sector. EY and Guardtime launched the platform in collaboration with A.P. Møller-Maersk A/S, ACORD, Microsoft, MS Amlin, Willis Towers Watson and XL Catlin after a 20-week proof of concept. The blockchain platform â€�” built on Microsoft Azure global cloud technology â€�” is positioned to provide significant value to the insurance industry and is planned to be implemented from 2018 onwards.
  • EY bitcoin analyzer, which is EY's first in a suite of audit tools that will support cryptocurrency exchange and marketplace audits, to meet the growing use of cryptocurrencies in everything from banking to industry-specific industry coins.

For more information on EY activities in blockchain, visit this microsite.

Follow us on @EY_Advisory.

Barbara Burgess

Aparna Sankaran

EY Global Media Relations

EY Global Media Relations

+1 212 773 1652

+44 748 024 5082

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PRN: Zippo Encore continua a far furore in collaborazione con Stone Sour Thu, 16 Nov 2017 09:01:01 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Zippo Encore continua a far furore in collaborazione con Stone Sour


LONDRA, November 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Zippo Encore in data odierna ha annunciato la sponsorizzazione del tour invernale europeo degli Stone Sour, articolato in 21 date. La rock band, che ha ottenuto tre nomination ai Grammy Awards e vanta vari dischi di platino, andrà in tour per promuovere il suo recente album di successo Hydrograd.

     (Photo: )

     (Photo: )

     (Photo: )

Il tour avrà inizio il 15 novembre a Copenhagen e si concluderà a Milano il 15 dicembre; ad ogni tappa dell'imminente tour europeo i fan potranno acquistare degli accendini Stone Sour in edizione limitata. Questi cimeli del rock potranno essere acquistati solo alle date del tour, quindi dovrete esserci per accaparrarvene uno. L'immagine di copertina dell'album Hydrograd è stata fonte di ispirazione per questi accendini da collezione che senza dubbio si riveleranno popolari tra i fan più sfegatati della band. In alcune date selezionate, i primi fan ad acquistare questi accendini avranno anche la possibilità di scatenarsi in un pit riservato sottopalco, oltre ad avere l'opportunità di girare la ruota per vincere fantastici premi Zippo.

La sponsorizzazione del tour è uno dei tanti eventi live in cui Zippo celebra il suo ricco passato sulle scene della musica dal vivo e rende omaggio all'iconico momento in cui durante i concerti si alzavano migliaia di accendini in aria. Lo storico momento del bis, spesso considerato l'ultimo saluto ai fan, risale a molti decenni fa. In questo periodo, il classico accendino Zippo è diventato un celebre pezzo dell'iconografia musicale. Dall'apparizione sulle copertine degli album all'utilizzo al posto di un plettro smarrito, l'iconico accendino antivento è radicato nella storia della musica rock.

"In un'epoca in cui si va a un concerto dove il pubblico alza in aria telefoni cellulari, è incredibile andare a un concerto hard rock o heavy metal e vedere sempre gli accendini Zippo tenuti alti sopra la folla. È un momento assolutamente iconico al quale assistere dal palcoscenico", ha dichiarato Corey Taylor, cantante solista degli Stone Sour. "Zippo ha sostenuto costantemente la musica rock e la nostra band; siamo entusiasti di proseguire la collaborazione con un'azienda che ha dimostrato di essere una vera alleata del rock 'n roll".

Lucas Johnson, Responsabile marchio globale di Zippo, a proposito della partnership ha dichiarato: "Sin dall'avvio del programma nel 2012, Zippo Encore ha stabilito una connessione con più di 4,7 milioni di amanti della musica live in occasione di festival e tour. Siamo pronti a suonare il rock con gli Stone Sour quest'inverno per tenere in vita lo spirito Encore fino alla stagione dei festival 2018".

PRN: New Research Shows Georgian Wines are the Oldest Wines in the World Thu, 16 Nov 2017 08:30:29 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

New Research Shows Georgian Wines are the Oldest Wines in the World


LONDON, November 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --


The Georgians were producing and enjoying wine in the Caucasus as far back as the Neolithic period (6000-5800 BC), new research released today by PNAS* reveals. These are the earliest tangible signs of viticulture and wine-making ever discovered, some 600-1,000 years older than the previous recorded discovery of Hajji Firuz Tepe, in the Zagros mountain region of Iran.

The evidence was obtained by applying state-of-the-art technology to newly excavated materials from two sites in Georgia, with an international team led by Patrick McGovern, Scientific Director at Pennsylvania University, also known as the "Indiana Jones of ancient wine".

Georgia which borders the Black Sea and is situated at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains between Europe and Asia, is noted for its dynamic, traditional winemaking activity. The country attracts interest from wine-lovers and professionals alike.

Today Georgia remains faithful to its ancient traditions of making wine in qvevri, large ceramic pots which are buried underground, creating distinctive 'amber' wines. UNESCO has included this unique traditional method in its Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) list.

Most recently, Georgia's ancient wine culture was celebrated at Bordeaux's La Cité du Vin, a facility dedicated to the living heritage of wine, which hosted a special 'Georgia, cradle of viticulture' exhibition as its first "Guest Wine Region". Produced by the Georgian State, Georgian National Museum of Tbilisi and the Georgian Wine Association, it showcased 125 works of art and period photographs from the Georgian National Museum collections. The exhibition, which reveals Georgian mythology, folklore, art and dining traditions of which wine is a fundamental part, is likely to tour to other cities across the globe.

*PNAS Publication

Early Neolithic Wine of Georgia in the South Caucasus
By Patrick McGovern, Mindia Jalabadze, Stephen Batiuk, Michael P. Callahan, Karen E. Smith, Gretchen R. Hall, Eliso Kvavadze, David Maghradze, Nana Rusishvili, Laurent Bouby, Osvaldo Failla, Gabriele Cola, Luigi Mariani, Elisabetta Boaretto, Roberto Bacilieri, Patrice This, Nathan Wales, David Lordkipanidze.

Universities of Montpellier, Pennsylvania, Copenhagen, Milan, Toronto, INRA Montpellier, EHESS, CERCEC, Scientific Research Centre of Agriculture of Georgia, Georgian National Museum

The Neolithic period was a time of great changes across the globe:  

6100 BC - Storegga Slide causes a mega-tsunami in Norwegian Sea
6000 BC - Doggerland, the land bridge connecting England with Europe disappears into the sea
5677 BC - volcanic eruption on Mount Mazama creates Oregon's Crater Lake
5600 BC - Red Paint People established in area from present-day Labrador to New York state
Late 6th and early 5th millennium BC - start of the Samara culture in middle Volga, Russia
5500 BC - start of Xinle culture in China

- Many linguists believe that the word 'wine' is rooted in the word 'ghvino', which means wine in Georgian.

- Both the traditional polyphonic Georgian song and the country's alphabet are UNESCO listed, alongside of course the traditional Georgian qvevri wine-making method.

- With a variety of climate zones ranging from alpine to subtropical and semi-desert, Georgia is known as one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world.

- Georgia has a booming fashion scene; Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is its premier fashion event held twice a year.

- Georgia native Demna Gvasalia is artistic director of Balenciaga; he's also co-founder of cult fashion label Vetements.

- Singer, songwriter and musician Katie Melua was born in Georgia. In 2016 she recorded 'Winter in Tbilisi' with the Gori Women's Choir and did a European tour.

- Georgia has a very strong rugby tradition with its team travelling across the globe to play international matches.  The logo on the official Georgian national team's shirts is a grape shoot.

Visiting Georgia from the UK 

Tbilisi, Georgia 
Georgian Airways ( flies direct from London Gatwick to Tbilisi International Airport.

Wizz Air ( flies from Luton to Kutaisi, 150 miles north-west of Tbilisi.

Tbilisi highlights 
The Mtkvari river divides this city of 1.5 million people. On the right bank, Old Tbilisi is a hub for many visitors, with some of the city's most compelling historical sights, cafes and bars, enticing side streets and standout museums nearby. Mtkvari's more workaday left side are the atmospheric Bazroba central market and the arty Fabrika boutique and dining hub.

- Visit the city's churches, such as the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi or the Anchiskhati Basilica of St Mary, which dates back to the sixth century.

- Music lovers should try to see a performance of a Georgian vocal group and visit the State Museum of Georgian Folk Songs and Musical Instruments.

- For views of the city, take the cable car from Rike Park to Narikala Fortress.

- Visit the Orbeliani baths - public baths, follow in the footsteps of Pushkin and Dumas.

- National Museum - pre-Christian gold jewellery and other ancient objects on display on the lower-ground floor. Upstairs, an exhibition on Soviet rule in Georgia from 1921-91.

- Botanical gardens - the former royal pleasure grounds, where locals hold picnics and wedding photoshoots.

- Eating and drinking - the Old Town is a good spot for coffee houses, bars and cafes with live jazz; try traditional Georgian cuisine at Kartuli Sakhli and Tsiskvili.

Fabrika for locally made rugs with traditional designs; delicately patterned tablecloths with indigenous motifs. Look out for minankari, the revived ancient art of enamelled jewellery.

Browse the riverside bookstalls and the flea market finds by the Saarbruecken Bridge

For further information & images: Joanna Sykes-Darmon 020 7312 3619

PRN: Singapore, Bangalore and Barcelona Choose DataCity to Develop Innovative Solutions for Urban Sustainability Thu, 16 Nov 2017 08:23:42 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Singapore, Bangalore and Barcelona Choose DataCity to Develop Innovative Solutions for Urban Sustainability


PARIS, November 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

"Cities are the biggest cause of climate change, its biggest victims and its best hopes for solutions." (Marie-Vorgan Le Barzic, CEO of NUMA)

     (Logo: )

The urgency of the situation means city leaders around the world must use every tool available to make a difference before it is too late.

DataCity was created by NUMA in 2015 to help cities test and implement solutions quickly, with the potential to be replicated to other cities for large-scale and fast impact.  

DataCity is an open innovation program for smart city based on 2 core beliefs:

  • Data is key to identify challenges, design solutions and ensure scalability
  • Change can only happen through a multi-actor co-design approach

The program brings together corporations, public authorities and startups, from challenge definition to co-developing innovative solutions. Drawing on the expertise and datasets provided by partners and with advice from DataCity experts, startups test and co-develop concrete solutions, to build more sustainable, inclusive and livable cities.

NUMA is a leading French innovation hub and key player of the innovation & tech ecosystem

Towards a global smart city open innovation network 

"Cities in every part of the world seeking innovative, data-driven solutions to the threat of climate change, because they recognise the urgency of the challenge we face. Singapore and Bangalore will provide an invaluable contribution to the DataCity project." - Mark Watts, C40, Executive Director.

Building on the success of the program in Paris and Casablanca, DataCity is now expanding internationally through a partnership between NUMA and C40 Cities - a network of 91 of the world's greatest cities committed to tackling climate change.

The international development of DataCity is taking a step forward with 3 new cities joining the program: Singapore with IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) and GovTech (Government Technology Agency) through a partnership with Impact Hub Singapore, Bangalore with the government of Karnataka (Ministry of Information and Technology) and Barcelona with the support of Barcelona City Council.

The program is also supported at a global level by technical partners who provide their expertise and technology. Carto and OpenDataSoft are joining the list of partners for all upcoming programs around the world.

Download our press kit on

PRN: Reward Gateway Employee, Jess Lilley, Wins the Engage Award for Excellence in Delighting Customers Thu, 16 Nov 2017 08:01:11 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Reward Gateway Employee, Jess Lilley, Wins the Engage Award for Excellence in Delighting Customers


LONDON, November 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Jess Lilley, Senior Implementation Specialist at global employee engagement company Reward Gateway, was awarded Customer Engagement Professional of the Year at the Engage Awards 2017.

     (Photo: )

Jess has embodied the Reward Gateway values of pushing boundaries and delighting customers throughout her work. In the past 12 months, she helped 50 organisations begin their employee engagement journey by launching them onto the Reward Gateway engagement platform. Her dedication to assisting her customers to reach their goals was constantly highlighted throughout the year, including cutting her average project duration from twelve weeks down to just five, meaning that her speed to implementation created quick value for her clients. This enabled, on average, 88% of employees to be engaged with the platform within the first three months.

However, no matter what speed the project, she brought a continual level of care to her work. She aided clients' HR teams to align their unique engagement goals with the technology, and worked with them to create bespoke branded hubs that truly embedded their values, improved their Employee Value Proposition and helped their organisations stand out as a great place to work. Jess' work has been a part of Reward Gateway's continual efforts to delight their customers, and such works reflects in their impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 50.

The Awards, organised by Engage Business Media, champion inspiring individuals and organisations who bring a new level of excellence to customer and employee engagement. Being the only customer and employee engagement industry awards in the UK, the competition was high, however three of the Reward Gateway Client Success team were shortlisted for the two categories of Customer Engagement Professional of the Year and Employee Engagement Professional of the Year. Both the win and the nominations reflect Reward Gateway's endeavors to delight their customers by making their client's goals Reward Gateway's goals.

Sarah Mortimer, Talent Acquisition and Communications Manager at Charles Tyrwhitt and one of Jess' clients, noted on her and Reward Gateway's work:

"Jess had the misfortune of getting me as a client with the ambition of developing and delivering a new benefits hub for Charles Tyrwhitt in just under six weeks. I was demanding and I am sure at times truly frustrating to deal with, however, Jess took it all in her stride. She made the seemingly impossible happen; from the very beginning to execution she carefully guided us through the process and kept us on track. She worked hard to ensure we got everything we wanted. In fairness, all of the team at Reward Gateway were delightful to work with and Jess is an asset to them. This award is well deserved and I wish Jess lots of success."

Notes to Editor: 

About Reward Gateway 

Reward Gateway helps more than 1,700 of the world's leading companies, in 23 countries, to attract, engage, and retain their best people with an employee engagement platform that brings employee benefits, discounts, and perks, reward and recognition, employee wellbeing and employee communications into one unified hub. Clients include American Express, Unilever, Samsung, IBM, and McDonald's. For more information, please visit:

About Engage Awards/Engage Business Media  

The Engage Awards showcase organisational excellence and also recognise individuals who have accomplished significant achievements within the customer and employee engagement market.

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PRN: The 22nd session of the UNWTO General Assembly successfully held in Chengdu, Sichuan province, China Thu, 16 Nov 2017 07:30:14 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

The 22nd session of the UNWTO General Assembly successfully held in Chengdu, Sichuan province, China


CHENGDU, China, Nov. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The 22nd session of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) General Assembly was held in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, China between September 11 and 16, 2017, bringing together over 1,000 participants from over 130 UN member countries worldwide, including more than 70 minister-level officials. Chengdu, the host city of the event, and Sichuan province, once again, drew wide attention across the global tourism industry.

A number of unique Sichuan specialties were showcased at the event, among them selections of the province's iconic teas and embroideries, as well as samplings of its world-renowned cuisine, attracting the admiration of the tourism executives who have come from the four corners of the globe to participate in the event. The participants were extremely impressed with Sichuan's tourism sector following an inspection tour of several well-known tourist attractions across the province, including the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and Dujiangyan.

In addition to being where this year's UNWTO General Assembly was held, Sichuan is also where the World Tourism Alliance was founded. To further promote the province as a travel destination, the municipal government of Chengdu organized a tourism and investment promotion event where a government representative gave a presentation to global tourism executives on the latest development trends and growth potential of city's tourism sector. The government has launched 120 high-end tourism projects which collectively raised investment to the tune of some 685.3 billion yuan (approx. US$102.7 billion). Of note, deals for six of the key projects were signed onsite with a combined value of 61 billion yuan (approx. US$9.1 billion). The deals include a strategic collaborative partnership signed betwe! en the government of Chengdu and HNA Group, a strategic cooperation agreement signed between the government of Dujiangyan and Shanghai Zhongyou Real Estate Co., Ltd. for the construction of a Transformers-themed resort hotel and an investment agreement signed between the government of Chongzhou and Hainan Baisha Tianyuan Kangyangcheng Construction Co., Ltd. for the build out of the Huaguoshan health and wellness center project.

"Through the holding of this year's event that has attracted the largest ever number of attendees, Chengdu and Sichuan province will not only benefit from the creative ideas brainstormed at the event but more importantly from what the event will produce in the long run," said UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai. "The over 1,000 participants who came from all over the world will serve as a bridge connecting Sichuan's tourism sector to the world by promoting the Chinese province as a preferred tourist destination in their own country when they return home. This is an unprecedented opportunity for the government of Sichuan province and one that it plans to take full advantage of. "

PRN: Germany Reclaims top “Nation Brand” Ranking, With USA Dropping to Sixth Place, in Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index 2017 Thu, 16 Nov 2017 06:00:48 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Germany Reclaims top “Nation Brand” Ranking, With USA Dropping to Sixth Place, in Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index 2017


NUREMBERG, Germany, November 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

- France leaps to second place for first time, while UK regains ground to remain third and Japan enters top five  

- USA is only country showing overall decline in 2017  

- Germany major gains in Governance, People, and Culture    

In the wake of a substantial drop in global perception of the USA, Germany retakes the top ranking in the latest Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index[SM] (NBI[SM]) study, while France climbs to second place. The UK has regained the ground it lost last year after the Brexit vote to hold onto third place, while Japan jumps into the top five for the first time since 2011, standing equal with Canada.  

                                            Score change         Nation     2017 rank  2016 rank  2016 vs. 2017     Germany            1          2          +0.99     France             2          5          +1.56     United Kingdom     3          3          +1.27     Canada             4          4          +0.96     Japan              4          7          +2.12     United States      6          1          -0.63     Italy              7          6          +0.74     Switzerland        8          8          +1.34     Australia          9          9          +0.76     Sweden             10         10         +1.30     NBI[SM] score changes: minor change     +/-0.26-0.50; medium +/-0.51-1.00; large > +/-1.00 

USA loses ground in global perception of its Governance


Of the 50 countries measured in the study, only the USA saw its overall NBI score drop this year. However, it still ranks among the top five nations for three of NBI's six categories: namely, Culture (where the USA is ranked second), Exports (also second), and Immigration-Investment (fifth). But it fell from 19th place to 23rd for Governance, a notably poor score for one of the world's leading countries.

Professor Simon Anholt, who created the NBI study in 2005, comments, "The USA's fall in the 'Governance' category suggests that we are witnessing a 'Trump effect', following President Trump's focused political message of 'America First'. However, Americans' assessment of their own country is notably more positive this year than last. A similar fall in global perception of the USA was seen following the re-election of George W. Bush, when the USA fell to seventh place. Previously, America has never stayed outside the top ranking for more than a year at a time: it will be interesting to see whether this holds true in the 2018 ranking."  

Germany gains in Governance, People, and Culture    

Germany, by contrast to the USA, enjoys a very balanced image across all six categories of the index, with notable improvements in global perception of its Culture (+1.07), Governance (+1.28), and People (+1.34). It ranks in the top five countries for all but one of the Index categories - that one being Tourism, where it is gaining ground, if not yet in the top five.

Germany's overall score increases are boosted by significantly improved perceptions among Egyptians (+5.92), as well as among Russians (+2.26), Chinese (+2.17) and Italians (+2.06). Americans stand alone in ranking Germany outside the top-ten overall nation brands, placing it eleventh.    

UK regains the ground lost in 2016 

Global perception of the UK has recovered following the significant decline seen in 2016 immediately after the Brexit vote. Its overall Index score is back to very nearly its 2015 level, with improvement across all six categories. This puts it into the top five countries for Exports, Culture, Tourism and Immigration-Investment. The UK's largest gains are for Governance (nearly two points) and People, suggesting that most countries have come to terms with the UK's vote last year to leave the EU, and their perception has re-settled following that shock.

France and Japan leap ahead in global perception of their national brands 

Both France and Japan benefitted from score gains in their own right, as well as from the USA decline, allowing them to leap ahead in the overall ranking.

France now stands in second place for the first time since the NBI began, up from fifth last year, with gains across all six categories. This is seen especially for Governance, where France's improved score stands at double the average amount, and Immigration-Investment. It ranks first of all countries for global perception of its Culture, second for Tourism, and fifth for Exports.

2017 has also been a banner year for Japan. It now stands in fourth place, equal with Canada, having gained its highest overall score in nearly a decade.  Japan is perceived most highly for Exports, where it comes ahead of all other countries, and also shows significant gains compared to the average for Immigration-Investment, Culture, and Governance.

Vadim Volos, GfK's senior vice president of public affairs and consulting, comments, "The Nation Brands Index allows our clients to understand where - and why - their nation stands in terms of their current image, momentum and potential. Changing global perception of a national brand is challenging and slow - but countries can influence biased or outdated perceptions by understanding the negative views and actively communicating actions and changes that address those."

For more information about the Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index, please visit

PRN: Un nuovo regalo per una casa intelligente per il Black Friday Thu, 16 Nov 2017 02:45:07 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Un nuovo regalo per una casa intelligente per il Black Friday


SHENZHEN, Cina, 16 novembre 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Oggi il tempo da dedicare ai lavori domestici non è mai abbastanza, un compito che sta diventando sempre più complesso. Questa è una delle ragioni per cui gli aspirapolvere robot stanno diventando sempre più più popolari. Molte famiglie hanno adottato rapidamente questa nuova tecnologia. Aiuta a eliminare la polvere, i peli degli animali e altri detriti in casa, con uno sforzo minimo. Da sola, questa motivazione è sufficiente per molte persone per pensare all'acquisto.

clean floors without the effort

Gli aspirapolvere robot hanno raggiunto una condizione in cui sono efficaci e potenti tanto quanto gli aspirapolvere normali. Hanno una navigazione intelligente, una potente aspirazione, hanno una lunga autonomia, si ricaricano automaticamente e possono essere programmati in modo comodo. Possono passare tranquillamente sotto molti divani e tavoli. Alcuni aspirapolvere robot funzionano con i comandi vocali. Sono piuttosto compatti in modo da non occupare molto spazio.

Un aspirapolvere robot in genere ha un prezzo più elevato rispetto a un aspirapolvere tradizionale, tra i 200 e i 1.000 euro. Si tratta di un investimento piuttosto considerevole, anche per il prezzo più basso. Gli aspirapolvere robot avanzati utilizzano una telecamera e applicazioni per pianificare la pulizia, con un costo di circa 1.000 euro.

Inoltre, molti test mostrano che diversi modelli più economici e a volte meno conosciuti puliscono come i robot più costosi. Potrebbero non avere funzioni intelligenti come la telecamera o il controllo vocale, ma puliscono allo stesso modo di aspirapolvere robot più costosi, con un prezzo inferiore a 200 euro.

Il ILIFE V5s Pro è un ottimo esempio. È stato premiato con il 2017 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award dall'IFA, la fiera dell'elettronica più grande al mondo. Sarà in vendita su Amazon durante il Black Friday. È un aspirapolvere robot economico che svolge bene il suo lavoro. Il ILIFE utilizza due modalità di pulizia, aspirazione e lavaggio. La potente aspirazione aspira detriti, capelli e polvere con semplicità. La modalità lavaggio rende più semplice la raccolta dello sporco e la rimozione delle macchie sul pavimento. È più che sufficiente per molte persone.

Foto -

PRN: Antiviral Therapeutics Technologies, Markets and Companies, 2026 - Profiles of 194 Companies & 174 Collaborations Thu, 16 Nov 2017 01:30:58 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Antiviral Therapeutics Technologies, Markets and Companies, 2026 - Profiles of 194 Companies & 174 Collaborations


DUBLIN, November 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

The "Antiviral Therapeutics - Technologies, Markets and Companies" report from Jain PharmaBiotech has been added to Research and Markets' offering.

Research and Markets Logo

This report reviews the current state-of-art of antiviral approaches including vaccines, pharmaceuticals and innovative technologies for delivery of therapeutics.

The introduction starts with a practical classification of viral diseases according to their commercial importance. Various antiviral approaches are described including pharmaceuticals and molecular biological therapies such as gene therapy and RNA interference (RNAi) as well as vaccines for virus infections. Expert opinion is given about the current problems and needs in antiviral therapy. SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis of antiviral approaches is presented against the background of concept of an ideal antiviral agent.

A novel feature of this report is the use of nanotechnology in virology and its potential for antiviral therapeutics. Interaction of nanoparticles with viruses are described. NanoViricides are polymeric micelles, which act as nanomedicines to destroy viruses. Various methods for local as well as systemic delivery of antiviral agents and vaccines are described. Nanobiotechnology plays an important role in improving delivery of antivirals. Advantages and limitations of delivery of gene-based, antisense and RNAi antiviral therapeutics are discussed.

After a discussion of current therapies of AIDS/HIV and their limitations, new strategies in development of antiviral agents are described. Drug resistance and toxicities are emerging as major treatment challenges. Based on a review of technologies and drugs in development, it can be stated that there are good prospects are of finding a cure for HIV/AIDS in the next decade.

Hepatitis viruses are described with focus on hepatitis C virus (HCV) and hepatitis B virus (HBV). Despite the presence of numerous drug candidates in the anti-HCV pipeline, and the commitment of major R&D resources by many pharmaceutical companies, it might still take several years for any new anti-HCV drugs to reach the market. Although many companies are focusing their efforts on developing viral inhibitors, cellular targets in the host are beginning to emerge as attractive possibilities because they might enable the development of broad-spectrum antiviral drugs with less chance for developing viral resistance.

Markets for antivirals are considered according to viruses and diseases caused by them and also according to management approaches: antiviral drugs, vaccines, MAbs and innovative approaches that include immunological and use of other technologies such as gene therapy, antisense, RNAi and nanobiotechnology. Antiviral markets are estimated starting with 2016 with projections up to the year 2026.

Profiles of 194 companies that are involved in developing various technologies and products are profiled and with 174 collaborations. These include major pharmaceutical companies (12), Biopharmaceutical companies with antiviral products (86), Antiviral drug companies (26) as well as viral vaccine companies (70). The report is supplemented with 53 tables, 15 figures and 550 references from the literature.

Key Topics Covered:

Executive Summary

1. Introduction to Virology

2. Antiviral Approaches

3. Vaccines for Virus Infections

4. Role of Nanotechnology in Developing Antiviral Agents

5. Delivery of Antivirals

6. Competitive Assessment of Antiviral Approaches

7. Influenza Viruses


9. Hepatitis Viruses

10. Miscellaneous Commercially Important Virus Infections

11. Viruses with High Impact but Low Commercial Significance

12. Markets for Antivirals

13. Companies

14. References

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PRN: High Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPI) Market, 2023 - Growing CMOS (Contract Manufacturing Organizations) Market Thu, 16 Nov 2017 01:15:59 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

High Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPI) Market, 2023 - Growing CMOS (Contract Manufacturing Organizations) Market


DUBLIN, November 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

The "High Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPI) Global Market - Forecast to 2023" report has been added to Research and Markets' offering.

Research and Markets Logo

The global HPAPI market is poised to grow at a high single digit CAGR to reach $27,293.4 million by 2023

HPAPI market is mainly classified by customer base, by business type, by molecule type and Applications. The global HPAPI market is broadly classified as Innovative HPAPI and Generic HPAPI based on customer base. Based on business type, the market is classified into Captive HPAPI & Merchant HPAPI. HPAPI market is segmented on the basis of molecule type as Synthetic HPAPI and Biotech HPAPI. HPAPI market application segment is classified into Oncology, Cardiovascular, Central Nervous System, Hormonal, Glaucoma, Infectious, metabolic, Inflammation and other therapeutic applications.

Among Innovative & generic HPAPI, Innovative HPAPI occupies the major share during 2016 and generic HPAPIs expected to grow at a highest CAGR from 2016 to 2023. Among business type, Captive HPAPI occupies the major share during 2016 and Merchant HPAPI is expected to grow at a highest CAGR from 2016 to 2023. Among molecule type, Synthetic HPAPI occupied the major share during 2016! and is expected to grow at high single digit CAGR from 2016 to 2023 to reach $17,434.4 million by 2023. Among Application segment, Oncology commanded the larger revenue in 2016 and is expected to grow at highest CAGR from 2016 to 2023.

Increasing incidence of chronic and age-related diseases, rapid growth in oncology market, growing demand for Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC), technological advancements in HPAPI market, growing CMOs are some of the factors which are driving the market. Requirement of large investments, stringent safety and handling specifications associated with production of HPAPI, stringent regulations are the factors hindering the market.

North America accounted for the highest market share in 2016 and followed by Europe. However, Asian countries especially China and India are ! the fastest growing regions with its growing demand for HPAPIs! . Asia-Pacific is projected to grow with a highest CAGR from 2016 to 2023.

Factors Influencing Market

Drivers and Opportunities

  • Increasing Incidence of Chronic and Age Related Diseases
  • Rapid Growth in Oncology Market
  • Growing Demand for Antibody Drug Conjugates (Adcs)
  • Technological Advancements in HPAPI Market
  • Growing Cmos (Contract Manufacturing Organizations) Market

Restraints and Threats

  • Requirement of Large Investment
  • Stringent Safety and Handling Specifications Associated With the Production of HPAPI
  • Stringent Regulations
  • Alternative Therapies to Cure the Cancer

Key Topics Covered:

1 Executive Summary

2 Introduction

3 Market Analysis

4 HPAPI Global Market, by Customer Base

5 HPAPI Global Market, by Business Type

6 HPAPI Global Market, by Molecule Type

7 HPAPI Global Market, by Applications

8 Regional Market Analysis

9 Competitive Landscape

10 Major Companies

Companies Mentioned

  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Abbvie Contract Manufacturing
  • Adc Biotechnology
  • Adc Therapeutics
  • Aenova Group Gmbh
  • Agno Pharma
  • Ajinomoto (Althea Inc.)
  • Alcami Corporation
  • Alkermes Plc
  • Almac Group
  • Ampac Fine Chemicals
  • Amri Global
  • Anvi Pharma
  • Astrazeneca(Spirogen)
  • Asymchem Laboratories
  • Avanthera S.A.
  • Avara Pharmaceutical Services
  • Axcellerate Pharma Services
  • Bachem
  • Baxter International
  • Bayer
  • Biocon Limited
  • Biopharma Technology
  • Biophore India Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
  • Biotechnique
  • Biovectra
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Bryllan Llc
  • Buchiglas-Usa Corp.
  • Cambrex Corporation
  • Catalent Pharma Solutions Inc
  • Celgene Biotechnology
  • Cerbios Pharma Sa
  • Chemcon
  • Chemigran Pte Ltd.
  • Cipla
  • Consort Medical
  • Custom Processing Services Inc
  • Dalton Pharma Services
  • Dec-Usa Inc.
  • Dishman Group
  • Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis
  • Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
  • Emcure Pharmaceuticals
  • Esteve Quimica
  • Eurofins Scientific
  • Euticals
  • Evonik Industries
  • Evotec A.G.
  • Fareva
  • Farhispania Group
  • Fermion
  • Ferro Corporation
  • Formosa Laboratories Inc.
  • Fresenius Kabi
  • Gp Pharm
  • Granuels
  • Helsin Advanced Synthesis.
  • Heraeus
  • Hikal Limited
  • Hikma Pharmaceuticals
  • Hovione
  • Icrom S.P.A
  • Idifarma Pharmaceutical Development S.L.
  • Intas Biopharmaceuticals
  • International Chemical Investors S. E
  • Johnson Matthey
  • Kyongbo Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd
  • Laurus Synthesis Inc
  • Lipocine
  • Lonza Group
  • Lupin Limited
  • Mayne Pharma (Libertas Pharma Inc)
  • Medichem
  • Merck Kgaa
  • Mersana Therapeutics Inc.
  • Minakem High Potent
  • Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corp.
  • Natco Pharma
  • Neuland Health Sciences Private Limited
  • Novartis
  • Novasep Holding Sas
  • Olon S.P.A.
  • Opko Health
  • Oso Biopharmaceuticals Manufacturing Llc
  • Pcas
  • Pfanstiehl
  • Pfizer
  • Pierre Fabre
  • Piramal Pharma Solution
  • Powder Systems Limited
  • Procos S.P.A
  • Project Pharmaceutics
  • Qs Pharma Llc
  • R-Pharm Germany Gmbh.
  • Regis Technologies Inc.
  • Scinopharm Taiwan Limited
  • Seattle Genetics Inc.
  • Seigried Holding
  • Servier Cdmo
  • Shilpa Medicare
  • Stason Pharmaceuticals
  • Strides Arcolabs
  • Sundia Meditech
  • Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services
  • Syntagon Ab
  • Synthon Biopharmaceuticals
  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Thermofisher Scientific (Patheon N.V.)
  • Uman Pharma
  • Umicore N.V.
  • Vion Pharmaceuticals, Inc
  • Vxp Pharma Services
  • Wuxi Pharmatec
  • Yprotech Limited

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PRN: Global Precision Farming Market to 2025 - Leading Players, Supply Chain Trends, Technological Innovations & Key Developments Thu, 16 Nov 2017 01:00:56 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Global Precision Farming Market to 2025 - Leading Players, Supply Chain Trends, Technological Innovations & Key Developments


DUBLIN, November 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

The "Global Precision Farming Market Analysis & Trends - Industry Forecast to 2025" report has been added to Research and Markets' offering.

Research and Markets Logo

The Global Precision Farming Market is poised to grow strong during the forecast period 2017 to 2025

Some of the prominent trends that the market is witnessing include increasing environmental concerns and shift toward sustainable agriculture and penetration and expansion of mobile technologies and broadband usage.

This industry report analyzes the market estimates and forecasts of all the given segments on global as well as regional levels presented in the research scope. The study provides historical market data for 2014, 2015 revenue estimations are presented for 2016 and forecasts from 2017 till 2025.

The study focuses on market trends, leading players, supply chain trends, technological innovations, key developments, and future strategies for the existing players, new entrants and the future investors.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Market Outline

2 Executive Summary

3 Market Overview

  • Increasing environmental concerns and shift toward sustainable agriculture
  • Penetration and expansion of mobile technologies and broadband usage
  • Recent Technological Developments in Precision Farming
  • Growth Opportunities/Investment Opportunities

4 Precision Farming Market, By Technology

  • Variable Rate Technology (VRT)
  • Sensor-Based
  • Map-Based
  • Guidance System
  • Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Remote Sensing
  • Satellite Sensing
  • Handheld

5 Precision Farming Market, By Application

  • Crop Scouting
  • Irrigation Management
  • Yield Monitoring
  • Off-Farm Field Monitoring
  • On-Farm Yield Monitoring
  • Weather Tracking & Forecasting
  • Field Mapping
  • Drainage Mapping
  • Boundary Mapping
  • Farm Labor Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Financial Management

6 Precision Farming Market, By Component

  • Software
  • Cloud-Based
  • Local/Web-Based
  • Hardware Market Forecast to 2025 (US$ MN)
  • Sensing and Monitoring Devices
  • Water Sensors
  • Yield Monitors
  • Climate Sensors
  • Soil Sensors
  • Moisture Sensors
  • Nutrient Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Automation & Control System
  • GPS/GNSS System
  • Flow and Application Control Devices
  • Guidance & Steering
  • Mobile Devices/Handheld Computers
  • Display
  • Drones/UAV
  • Services
  • Connectivity Services
  • System Integration and Consulting
  • Assisted Professional Services
  • Climate Information Services
  • Supply Chain Management Services
  • Managed Services
  • Data Services
  • Farm Operation Services
  • Analytics Services
  • Maintenance and Support Services

7 Precision Farming Market, By Geography

8 Key Player Activities

  • Mergers & Acquisitions South Africa
  • Partnerships, Joint Venture's, Collaborations and Agreements Others
  • Product Launch & Expansions
  • Other Activities

9 Leading Companies

  • Raven Industries
  • SST Development Group, Inc.
  • AGCO Corporation
  • Cropmetrics LLC
  • Precision Planting, Inc.
  • Trimble, Inc.
  • Dickey-John Corporation
  • Deere & Company
  • Yara International
  • Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.
  • BASF
  • AG Leader Technology
  • Monsanto Company
  • Lindsay Corporation
  • Teejet Technologies
  • Dupont Pioneer
  • Agjunction, Inc.

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Research and Markets
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PRN: Global Beacons Technology Market 2017-2026 Focus on iBeacon, Eddystone, and Others in Retail, Real Estate, Transport, Hospitality, Education Thu, 16 Nov 2017 00:45:59 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Global Beacons Technology Market 2017-2026 Focus on iBeacon, Eddystone, and Others in Retail, Real Estate, Transport, Hospitality, Education


DUBLIN, November 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

The "Global Beacons Technology Market - Analysis and Forecast: 2017 to 2026 Focus on Protocol Types (iBeacon, Eddystone, and Others) and End Users (Retail, Real Estate, Transport, Hospitality, Education and Others)" report has been added to Research and Markets' offering.

Research and Markets Logo

The beacons technology market reported a revenue of $519.6 million in 2016, with retail end user accommodating for the highest revenue by 2026.

Rapid advancements in wireless communication technologies in the recent years has led to the emergence and growth of Bluetooth beacons, which is a distinctive field of proximity connectivity. Beacons are defined as proximity devices, transmitting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals, received by nearby portable electronic devices, in order to facilitate varied applications, including advertising, indoor navigation, notification & alert, monitoring, real-time analysis, and quick interaction, among others.

The beacons technology market will take a couple of years to reach its full market potential and commercialization. Currently, beacons are dependent on Bluetooth enabled mobile devices with a compatible software application. The effective realization of beacons technology platform involves creative concepts and resources for developing interactive applications. Large and well-known retailers may not face an issue in getting the user to download their applications, however, the small and medium-sized retailers and business certainly have the problem of expanding their reach. Moreover, the maintenance cost of beacons system is quite high as compared to other proximity wireless communication platforms. However, companies are opting for strategies to reduce the maintenance cost incurred due to batteries by utilizing USB beacons, which are easy to configure with infinite durability and low maintenance cost.

Increase in the Internet of Things (IoT) spending, a rise in the demand for beacons for providing location-based marketing, and development visions for smart cities across the globe are driving the growth of the market. In addition to this, dependency on Bluetooth enabled mobile devices with a compatible software application and a significant reduction in maintenance cost of beacons system act as major challenges to the market. Furthermore, increasing market penetration of beacons technology into the emerging sectors: airport, railways, real estate, automobile, and hotel, continued advancements in Bluetooth technology, and beacons gaining traction in enterprises - Industry 4.0, are expected to create lucrative opportunities for the market in the coming years. Each of these factors has a definite impact on the growth of the market.

North America is expected to maintain its dominance through the forecast period, owing to the maximum number of beacons installation for the retail industry. In addition to this, the emerging start-ups in the region are also keen to develop beacons for the emerging applications for varied end users, thus, boosting the utilization of beacons in the industrial and transportation industry. Moreover, Asia-Pacific is expected to witness the highest growth in the market, mainly driven by the increasing focus of the nations in the region on developing efficient wireless connectivity, thus, making it as one of the key strategic industries, which will make the country innovation-driven, high-tech, and capable enough to compete with the leading nations in the IT industry across the globe.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Research Scope & Methodology

2 Market Dynamics

3 Competitive Insights

4 Industry Analysis

5 Global Beacons Technology Market

6 Global Beacons Technology Market by Protocol Type

7 Global Beacons Technology Market by End User

8 Global Beacons Technology Market by Region

9 Company Profiles

  • Accent Advanced Systems, SLU
  • Aruba Networks, Inc.
  • BKON Connect, Inc.
  • Beaconinside GmbH
  • Blue Sense Networks Ltd.
  • BlueCats Australia Pty Ltd.
  • Bluvision Inc.
  • Estimote, Inc.
  • Fujitsu Ltd.
  • G24 Power Ltd.
  • Gimbal, Inc.
  • Glimworm Beacons
  • Onyx Beacon Ltd.
  • Radius Networks, Inc.

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PRN: Global Anti-Money Laundering Software Market 2017-2021 - Rising Security Demands for Public Financial Safety Thu, 16 Nov 2017 00:30:56 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Global Anti-Money Laundering Software Market 2017-2021 - Rising Security Demands for Public Financial Safety


DUBLIN, November 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

The "Global Anti-Money Laundering Software Market 2017-2021" report has been added to Research and Markets' offering.

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Rise in financial frauds have increased the demand for solutions that help prevent the fraudulent activities. The report focuses on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) software which helps financial institutions combat money laundering activities by monitoring financial transactions of individuals and helping detect and prevent such transactions.

Financial institutions have become promising beneficiaries of anti-money laundering software making it an indispensable tool to ensure public financial safety.

The global anti-money laundering software market has shown a significant growth in past couple of years as the institutions are compelled to comply with international regulatory bodies. This growth can be highly attributed to the rising security demands for public financial safety.

Key Topics Covered:

Executive Summary

1 Report Scope & Methodology
1.1 Scope of the Report
1.2 Global Anti-Money Laundering Software Market Research Methodology

2 Market Dynamics
2.1 Market Drivers
2.2 Market Opportunities
2.3 Market Restraints

3 Competitive Insights
3.1 Key Market Developments & Strategies (2015-2017)
3.1.1 New Product Launches, Developments and Expansions
3.1.2 Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Collaborations and Contracts
3.1.3 Business Expansions and Certifications
3.1.4 Mergers & Acquisitions
3.1.5 Others
3.2 Industry Attractiveness
3.3 Market Share Analysis

4 Industry Analysis
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Regulations, Consortiums, Certifications and Standards
4.3 Supply/Value Chain System

5 Global Anti-Money Laundering Software Market, Analysis And Forecast, 2017-2021
5.1 Assumptions and Limitations for Analysis and Forecast of The Global Anti-Money Laundering Software Market
5.2 Market Overview

6 Global Anti-Money Laundering Software Market by Software Type
6.1 Transaction Monitoring System
6.2 Currency Transaction Monitoring System
6.3 Customer Identity Management Systems
6.4 Compliance Management Software
6.5 Others (Sanction Screening, Case Management, Among others)

7 Global Anti-Money Laundering Software Market By Development Type
7.1 On Premise
7.2 Cloud

8 Global Anti-Money Laundering Software Market By Region
8.1 North America
8.2 Europe
8.3 APAC
8.4 RoW (Mea and Latin America)

9 Company Profiles

  • ACI Worldwide
  • AML Partners
  • Accuity
  • BAE Systems
  • Experian PLC
  • Fiserv Inc
  • Global Radar
  • Inetco Systems Limited
  • Infrasoft Technologies Limited
  • LexisNexis Risk Solutions
  • NICE Actimize
  • Oracle Corporation
  • Route Trading
  • Safe Banking Systems
  • Targens

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PRN: World Cancer Liquid Biopsy Market 2017 - Insufficient Demonstrated Clinical Utility to Slow Adoption by Oncologists Thu, 16 Nov 2017 00:15:57 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

World Cancer Liquid Biopsy Market 2017 - Insufficient Demonstrated Clinical Utility to Slow Adoption by Oncologists


DUBLIN, November 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

The "Cancer Liquid Biopsy Market Assessment" report has been added to Research and Markets' offering.

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The term liquid biopsy encompasses various diagnostic methods that use liquid, non-tissue specimens to provide information that can aid in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of cancer. Currently, tissue biopsies, along with imaging techniques, are the standard methods used in the diagnosis of solid cancers, but despite their widespread use, they have many limitations that open the door for other diagnostic technologies in oncology clinical settings.

The Worldwide Market for Liquid Biopsy contains markets for the following:

  • Breast Cancer Liquid Biopsy Market
  • Colorectal Cancer Liquid Biopsy Market
  • Lung Cancer Liquid Biopsy Market
  • Ovarian Cancer Liquid Biopsy Market
  • Pancreatic Cancer Liquid Biopsy Market
  • Other Cancer Liquid Biopsy Market

Top Ten Companies in the Market:

The currently available liquid biopsy technologies employ the analysis of various types of analytes, including circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), circulating tumor cells (CTCs), extracellular vesicles, proteins, miRNA and mRNA. Among them, ctDNA and CTCs have been the most explored technologies for commercial applications up to the present time.

Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) encompasses the small fragments of DNA that are believed to originate from the natural and abnormal necrosis and apoptosis processes that tumor cells undergo regularly. ctDNA fragments have the advantage of being available from different types of specimens, including urine, plasma, blood, and cerebrospinal fluid, but are rare and have a short half-life in the bloodstream, which makes their isolation and identification highly challenging.

Since many cancer patients shed only very small DNA fragments into the bloodstream, ctDNA-based diagnostic technologies need to be highly sensitive in order to detect such rare events. Furthermore, ctDNA cannot provide information about protein expression, and the analysis of RNA is also difficult and limited using ctDNA. ctDNA may also result from tumor cells killed by therapeutic drugs, and does not capture information about the residual cancer that may not respond to the particular therapy or has become resistant to it.

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are cancer cells that are believed to detach from primary or secondary tumors and enter the bloodstream, traveling to distant organs, initiating the process of metastasis, and forming new tumors. Similarly to ctDNA, CTC-based tests could offer significant advantages compared to tissue biopsies, as they may be able to capture the heterogeneity of tumors and their genetic evolution during the disease progression and! therapy.

Compared to ctDNA, CTCs have a longer half-life in blood, and the analysis of viable cells could provide information about protein expression, such as PD-L1 or ER, which is not possible with ctDNA. Also, since CTCs contain intact genomic material from tumors, their analysis can reveal additional information about the biology of cancer and metastasis that is not possible to obtain from ctDNA.

This report segments market by type of cancer and corresponding regional market.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

  • Introduction
  • Liquid Biopsy Technologies
  • Industry Structure
  • Liquid Biopsy Market Revenues And Forecast

2. Liquid Biopsy Technologies

  • Introduction
  • Current Major Liquid Biopsy Technologies
  • Circulating Free DNA
  • Advantages And Limitations Of Ctdna In Liquid Biopsy
  • Current Ctdna-Based Liquid Biopsy Tests
  • Adaptive Biotechnologies
  • Biodesix
  • Epigenomics
  • Foundation Medicine
  • Genomic Health
  • Guardant Health
  • Myriad Genetics
  • Pathway Genomics
  • Personal Genome Diagnostics
  • Roche Diagnostics
  • Sysmex-Inostics
  • Trovagene
  • Circulating Tumor Cells (Ctcs) Liquid Biopsy
  • Challenges In The Development Of Ctcs-Based Liquid Biopsy Tests
  • Ctcs-Based Liquid Biopsy Tests
  • Biocept
  • Cynvenio Biosystems
  • Epic Sciences
  • Menarini-Silicon Biosystems
  • Extracellular Vesicles And Other Liquid Biopsy
  • Introduction
  • Liquid Biopsy Tests Based On Extracellular Vesicles
  • Biodesix
  • Exosome Diagnostics
  • Gensignia
  • Hologic
  • MDxHealth
  • OncoCyte
  • Vermillion
  • VolitionRx

3. Liquid Biopsy Industry Analysis

  • Introduction
  • Tiers Of Competition
  • Competitive Factors
  • Significant Market Trends
  • Personalized Medicine to Spur Use of Liquid Biopsy Tests in Clinical Practice
  • Increasing Global Incidence of Cancer and Life Expectancy to Increase Testing Volumes
  • New Liquid Biopsy Product Launches to Augment Market Revenues
  • Decreasing Cost of Genetic Testing to Increase Utilization of Liquid Biopsy Tests
  • Regulatory Hurdles to Limit Market Growth
  • Limitations in Third-party Payer Coverage to Restrict Test Utilization and Market Growth
  • Insufficient Demonstrated Clinical Utility to Slow Adoption by Oncologists
  • Challenges in the Integration of Liquid Biopsy Tests in Clinical Practice to Limit Market Growth

4. Cancer Liquid Biopsy Market Analysis

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PRN: Infectious Disease Immunoassays Markets, 2021 Thu, 16 Nov 2017 00:00:56 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Infectious Disease Immunoassays Markets, 2021


DUBLIN, November 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

The "World Market for Infectious Disease Immunoassays" report has been added to Research and Markets' offering.

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The World Market for Infectious Disease Immunoassays, provides important business planning data for companies in the immunoassay market, investing in the field, or considering expansion.

A key area of immunoassay testing is in detecting infectious diseases. The infectious disease immunoassay market is large because of the many different infectious agents affecting the population. Common infectious disease immunoassays performed in central laboratories are typically categorized into groups such as hepatitis, retroviral testing, sexually transmitted diseases, TORCH, and other infectious diseases. Infectious disease immunoassays are used in point-of-care setting or when rapid testing is needed. Immunoassays are also used to screen blood and blood products in order to prevent transfusion-transmitted infections.

Some infectious disease immunoassays are being replaced with molecular assays. For example, most chlamydia and gonorrhea testing in developed countries is performed with molecular diagnostic assays rather than with immunoassays. A major driving factor in this conversion to molecular testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea was the increased sensitivity of these molecular tests compared to traditional immunoassays, and especially compared to traditional rapid tests such as lateral flow-based assays.

However, many improvements have been made with immunoassays to improve the technical performance of these assays, including better sensitivity. Innovations in immunoassay technology and platforms have been discussed in Chapter 4, and many companies developing these new, innovative platforms are profiled in this report.

Immunoassays for many infectious diseases are a mature market. Tests have been available for many of these agents for years or decades. Growth in this market will primarily be fueled by the identification of new infectious agents for which testing may be needed, and by growth of diagnostic testing in developing countries where infectious diseases are a major problem.

Diseases such as HIV, HBV, and HCV infection are major problems worldwide, and growth of the IVD market in developing countries is fueling growth in the overall infectious disease immunoassay market. In addition, developing countries also need tests for other diseases (such as malaria and others) that are not common in the United States or Europe.

Key Topics Covered:

1: Executive Summary

  • Overview
  • Scope And Methodology
  • Future Prospects In The Infectious Disease Immunoassay Market

2: Introduction

  • History And Future Of Immunoassays
  • Point Of View
  • Elisa
  • Radioimmunoassays
  • Overview - Instrument Platforms
  • Automation
  • Platform Innovations - Miniaturization, Microfluidics and Multiplexed Assays
  • Specimen Types
  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Saliva
  • Rapid And Point-Of-Care Testing
  • POC Testing in Hospitals
  • Physician's Office Laboratories and Clinics
  • Retail Clinics
  • Other Professional POC Testing
  • Self-Testing
  • Immunoassay Market - Market Drivers And Changes
  • Emerging International Markets
  • Outlook For Immunoassays

3: Infectious Disease Immunoassays Market Analysis

  • Infectious Disease
  • Hepatitis
  • Retroviral
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Other Infectious Diseases -Immunoassays in Central Laboratories
  • Rapid and POC Testing
  • Blood Testing
  • Lab-Based Infectious Disease Immunoassay Market By Disease
  • Point Of Care/Rapid Test Immunoassays
  • Market By Country - Lab-Based
  • Market by Country Point of Care

4. Company Profiles

  • Accubiotech Co, Ltd.
  • Alere Inc
  • Arkray, Inc
  • Arlington Scientific, Inc.
  • Atlas Link Biotech Co., Ltd
  • Beckman Coulter, Inc
  • Becton Dickinson (Bd)
  • Biokit S.A.
  • Biomerieux Sa
  • Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc
  • Bioscan Screening Systems, Inc.
  • Chembio Diagnostic Systems, Inc.
  • Diasource Immunoassays Sa
  • Erba Diagnostics, Inc.
  • Grifols International S.A.
  • Hema Diagnostic Systems, Llc
  • Labsystems Diagnostics Oy
  • Luminex Corporation
  • Medix Biochemica
  • Medmira, Inc
  • Meridian Bioscience, Inc
  • Nano-Ditech Corporation
  • Novatec Immunodiagnostica Gmbh
  • Oncimmune Holdings Plc.
  • Operon
  • Orasure Technologies, Inc.
  • Quidel Corporation
  • Response Biomedical Corp
  • Savyon Diagnostics Ltd.
  • Sekisui Diagnostics
  • Siemens Healthineers
  • Standard Diagnostics, Inc.
  • Teco Diagnostics
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc
  • Trinity Biotech Plc

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