- Comunicati pubblicati - dylanlyna - Comunicati pubblicati - dylanlyna Tue, 26 May 2020 20:13:03 +0200 Zend_Feed_Writer 1.12.20 ( The new Coach is not your grandma’s tote Mon, 30 Nov 2015 07:29:20 +0100 dylanlyna dylanlyna COACH makes a major comeback in Manila after over a decade of absence, bringing with it a complete image transformation: Now it’s fashion-forward, New York-edgy, and has a lot less of the logos on your grandma’s tote from the outlet store.

“Luxury has turned on its head,” said Andrew Stanleick, Coach president and CEO for Southeast Asia and Oceania, at the official opening of the Coach boutique in Rustan’s Shangri-La. The brand’s local partner is Stores Specialists Inc.

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“We still have our old consumers because we have relatively low pricing versus European brands. What our creative director, Stuart Vevers, has done is bring in new consumers who are confident in themselves, who don’t need the badge of a high-investment bag to show their status. This new consumer shops from different brands, and maybe Coach is one of the brands in her repertoire.”

American brand, which turns 75 next year, began revamping its image 18 months ago, under its new CEO, Victor Luis. Luis hired Vevers, the British designer who has helmed Loewe and Mulberry, and has also worked at Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta and Givenchy.

Growth had stagnated as it faced new competition in the “accessible luxury” category. Some say Coach lost its cachet, that it had become just another outlet-store brand. And taste for luxury was changing: consumers now go for understated designs with less conspicuous logos.

“We were the innovators of accessible luxury. We had a huge market share globally,” Stanleick said. “We offered exceptional value in handmade products at a fraction of the price of the traditional luxury brands. When competitors saw this amazing business, they obviously tried to copy. So two years ago, we decided it was time to differentiate ourselves. Now this is our vision of modern luxury—fashion-forward, of high quality materials, handmade, but at an attractive and accessible price.”

Vevers’ job was to capture the New York spirit and energy of the brand. While customers may still find the odd monogram brand in the selection, the ad campaigns now focus on edgier styles with definitively more understated logos.

“We’re proud of our logo, and some will still be seeking that, and they will continue to be part of the range,” Stanleick said. “But majority of our customers are now seeking leather products with understated logos present.” Most of the handbags, which remain the core of the business, are made of leather.

Soon, shoes and apparel

Vevers also presented Coach’s first ready-to-wear collection at New York Fashion week in September. Footwear and apparel will be made available in Manila when it opens new and bigger stores next year, according to the regional CEO. The first store for now only carries handbags and accessories, like scarves and sunglasses.

The ad campaigns have also been focused on a younger customer, with one rollout featuring the dogs of celebrities like Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and Miranda Kerr, shot by Steven Meisel, and another with young models like Lexi Boling and Fei Fei Sun clutching the season’s bags.

Store renovations have also been in the master plan, to transform current stores into “warmer, more luxurious” retail environments “inspired by its New York heritage.”

Even as it undergoes all the changes, Stanleick said Coach is “still the same price. We know our consumer is seeking value, and we want her to shop in a non-intimidating store. Coach is very democratic, very New York, very accessible.” It will also be offering monogramming and repair services here. See more at: Mother of the groom dresses

Women's Fashion: Choosing Clothes for a Plus Size Mon, 23 Nov 2015 04:29:30 +0100 dylanlyna dylanlyna

As a society, we are growing larger - not in the sense that there are more people being born now, than ever before, but in the sense that our bodies are getting bigger. Obesity is a big problem (no pun intended!), and many of us need to lose a little weight; indeed, recent news have reported on studies saying that by the year 2015, 1 in 3 of the UK's population will be overweight. However, coupled with these trends, we also have to mention the general social pressures to be slim; these pressures are generated by the media, and are extremely powerful. This means that many people are unhappy with their weight, and women, in particular, have a hard time in believing that they can, and do, look great in the clothes they wear.

Many women believe that if they need to wear plus size women's clothing, they are not attractive, but this is simply untrue. The fact that people feel unattractive before they even begin dressing in the morning means that they seldom make the effort, but it is by making the effort that most people who look good, manage to achieve their look. Here, we will discuss some of the ways that you can ensure you look great, regardless of your size or body shape.

Identify your Body Shape
In order to look good, you need to wear the correct style of clothing for your body shape, and in turn, you will need to know which body shape you actually have. To do this, stand in front of the mirror and note the following:

If you are in proportion, with wide hips and a wide bust, you have an hourglass figure. If you are in proportion, with busts and hips that are straight down, then you have a boy figure. If you are wide on top, with narrow hips, you have an 'inverted triangle' or apple shape figure. Finally, if you are narrow on top, with wide hips, you have the 'pear' shape figure.

Depending on your figure, you will need to wear different styles of plus size women's clothing, to flatter your figure. The rule of thumb is to highlight your assets, while down playing the less positive features of your figure. For example, if you have an hourglass figure, you will want to highlight your natural curvaceous - do this by wearing tailored tops and trousers.

Colour and Material
In order to wear flattering clothes when we are overweight, we need to choose the right material and colours.

Generally, you will need to select materials that are lightweight; a heavier material will add bulk to your frame and make you appear larger. Avoid fabrics that cling, as they tend to do so in all the wrong places, and this is true even when worn on the smallest of figures.

Darker clothes have the most slimming effect. When putting together an outfit, choose colours that are complementary, rather than contrasting, as the contrast effect breaks up the line of your body from top to bottom, and the longer the line, the taller you appear, the taller you appear, the slimmer you look. See more at: Mother of the bride dresses online & Mother of the bride outfits 2016

Easy Outfit Formulas: Striped Dress + Gladiator Sandals Fri, 09 Oct 2015 10:55:54 +0200 dylanlyna dylanlyna Like a striped tee , a striped dress is perhaps one of the most timeless option, and gladiator sandals are a once-trendy choice That have now become a closet staple. This formula can easily be adapted to anche any occasion. Summer classes? Check. Night out? Check. Sunday brunch? Check.

Want some ideas on how to style this combo ? Read on:

Look # 1

striped dress, black sandals, bucket bag

Products: Long elegant prom dresses , Sandals , Bag , Headband , Rings , Nail Polish

This casual look pairs in lightweight striped dress with black gladiator sandals and a trendy bucket bag. Fight off the summer heat by wearing your hair in an updo with a simple headwrap, and do not forget to decorate Those digits with sky-blue nail polish and stacked rings. 

Look # 2

striped dress and denim vest

Products: Dress , Vest , Sandals , Bag , Bracelets

If you love color, try this fun yet simple ensemble. Wear a classic blue-and-white striped dress with a light wash denim vest and brown gladiators. Add contrast with a peach tote, and for extra color and sparkle, throw an arm party with a stack of decorative bangles. 

Look # 3

striped dress, motorcycle jacket, neon wedges

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Looking for a bold and adventurous night out look? Pair a striped high-low dress with a white motorcycle jacket and neon yellow gladiator wedges for an outfit That will definitely turn heads. Accessorize with a trendy, oversized clutch and edgy spiked earrings. Lastly, add some pink lipstick for a pretty pout.