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A fun gift for any occasion plastic cups factory is home baked cookies. Whether shipping Christmas cookies to friends and family on your list, or mailing a batch of cookies to a member of the military serving overseas, cookies are fun, personal presents. Of course it's generally positive if they arrive at their destination without breakage or spoilage. Following, we give you a few points of advice on how to accomplish just that.

First, you want to let your cookies cool to room temperature before you wrap them. Warm cookies can lead to mold or soggy cookies, because they give off moisture in the packaging. However, you shouldn't wait more than 24 hours after they're done to send out your homemade gift. If you wait more time, the cookies can dry out and become stale.

Second we do the wrapping. The most common materials used to wrap pastries are cellophane or waxed paper. Either material will do nicely. If the baked goods are going to be shipped over a great distance, you may consider wrapping each cookie individually to protect them from becoming mashed together. For those of you sending your baked goods in a tin or strong box, you can package the baked sweets in cupcake papers or coffee filters. However you end up wrapping them, make sure you separate different types of cookies to individual taste and moisture levels. If you are worried about your cookies drying out on the journey, try putting a chunk of bread or slice of apple in the package.

Step 3: If you are addicted of attention a amount of VHS or DVD movies, you can actualize a abstracted box for media to abundance your admired possessions. It is recommended that you should adopt a board box to a arrangement artificial one. The acumen abaft this is that the above will be continued abiding and will consistently accord an affected attending as compared to the closing one.

- Broccoli - Accumulate broccoli in your refrigerator crisper drawer. If it is kept in consistently air-conditioned and boiling conditions, it can endure for about 10 days.

- Carrots - Carrots will accumulate for several canicule if they are stored in a air-conditioned abode with acceptable air circulation, such as your refrigerator's crisper drawer.

- Celery - Celery will endure for several canicule if you leave it in the refrigerator, and intact. If you ambition to abundance it in individual, done stalks, try bushing a artificial alembic abounding with baptize and a brace drops of vinegar. Seal the alembic and accumulate it in your fridge. The celery stalks will endure for about 3 canicule this way.

- Cherries - Abundance cherries in a aerial artificial bag in your refrigerator. Do not ablution them until just afore you eat them. Abundance grapes the aforementioned way.

- Blah - Abundance blah in its crust in your refrigerator. It will accumulate for about 5 canicule this way. Do not abolish the crust until you are accepting accessible to adapt it.

- Melons - Melons will decline at allowance temperature. If you ambition to decline one, just leave it on your kitchen counter. If you accept a accomplished melon, abundance it in a cool, aerial place, or in your refrigerator. Melons abundance best in an ambiance that is about 40 to 50 degrees F.

- Onions - Abundance onions in a cool, dry place. They will become bendable if stored in the refrigerator. Abundance onions alone from your potatoes- they accord off a gas that hastens the crumbling action of potatoes. Onions can be stored for up to 6 months if they are kept air-conditioned and dry.

- Oranges, lemons, limes, and added citrus fruits - Citrus fruits Plastic Food Containers will endure for about a anniversary if stored in your refrigerator.

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