Types of Smart Locks

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With the development of science and technology and improvement of people's living standards, more and more people use intelligent locks. What kinds of intelligent locks are there? The following is a brief introduction to the common categories of smart locks and unlocking methods. Junying can provide custom lock parts and accessories produced to the desired specifications according to your requirements, using various machining techniques. 


1. Password unlocking: the intelligent lock mainly uses the password identification method to unlock. In order to facilitate the entrance and exit of the door, family users also adopt the password type door lock. Compared with the traditional key lock, the password lock lock is simpler in application. It does not need to carry the key all day long, and the security is also improved.


2. Bluetooth unlocking: the opening of intelligent lock can use Bluetooth communication to unlock with mobile phone. If the Bluetooth of your mobile phone is normally on, you don't need to take out the mobile phone. The lock will automatically unlock when the lock senses the phone approaching. At this time, you only need to press the lock to unlock.


3. Mobile phone unlocking: at present, many smart locks can be remotely opened and closed or secret keys can be shared through mobile phones. For example, in hotels, the powerful function and platform of wechat can also realize the two-way communication between guests and hotels, which is also very convenient. It is an important means for the hotel to cultivate its members.


4. Fingerprint unlocking: intelligent lock can open the door by fingerprint unlocking. If the fingerprint is successful, it means that it can be put on the unlocking window. The program will sample and input your finger data; when the screen saver is turned on, you just need to place your finger in the scanning area and wait for a short scan comparison. After matching, you can easily untie your finger, and then use your finger to scan in the scanning area again.


5. Swipe card unlocking: the smart locks applied in hotels and offices are generally the most card swiping type. For example, when customers go through the check-in procedures, they will first be given a room card to enter and leave the hotel through the room card; The same is true of enterprises and institutions. On the first day of new employees' employment, they will also handle an employee card. This card is not only a proof of the employee's identity, but also a valid certificate for entering and leaving the company.


6. Biometric door lock: at present, with the continuous development and maturity of life identification technology, the application of biometric door lock has also developed rapidly. Fingerprint recognition and face recognition are common, which are still common in enterprises and institutions. As swipe card lock is easy to cause cheating in attendance, according to the uniqueness of fingerprint and face, it is easier to accurately count employee attendance. Moreover, with the improvement of security needs of home users, this kind of biometric door lock is gradually applied to home users. 


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