But still anyone with classic wow gold

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You missed the NON GC. Which made instant caast be able to macroed to a single button. AKA, warlocks instant casting all dots, same with shadow priests. The whole will fo forsaken was a matter with warlock/warriors. What made it huge was that I didnt share CD with trinkets. But still anyone with classic wow gold a mind could take them down.less it was a lock, SP or even the 5 bubble pali's. Fantastic vid, but the unhappy thin is that which you did was study the internet.dont believe you actually played it. And to be honest it was good. Sure there was that the core that is hard that is random as its made out to be, but it wasn't as easy. Superior players still could . Damage did not increase. PVP equipment had no shadow immunity, pve gear had around 100 which is somewhat annoying but not the end of the planet in PVP, when they needed to counter player, res gear was used by folks in PVP. Besides nobody employed CoS in cheap wow classic gold pvp because misery is undoubtedly you best dot and CoT/CoEX are simply better in every other possible situation, and if you rolled destro you just used CoE.Reason why Lupus did damage he did(which can be wrongfully appointed to do something together with resistances) was him doing shadow damage and consuming crucial shadowbolt debuff which made every warlock in the raid mad as hell of predators with this dumb wolf. Although two of the best ten abilities you showed us were Shamans (Frost shock,Windfury) people have false thoughts about Vanilla Shaman because of the movies out there showing fully geared hybrids one shot individuals with WF procs.

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