People feel about needing vanilla WoW Classic

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My point was that the ENTIRE game is nighthaven wow gold accessible to casuals you've got no baring to prove that wrong and you know it thus why as you so amply place it you are"running out" from the debate. Why not go watch some picture cartoons and go with people who wear horns on their head to a dude tradition that is old. That's about all you can know. Yes for your information I AM going to insult you now as you have done it multiple times throughout your posts and im tired of ignoring it for your sake. I hope you realize just how much of a entire cuck you seem like using a profile picture just like that. Sitting and sound smart when you've got the IQ of a kid with down syndrome. Im willing to bet less than your chromosome count that's dangerously high for a human being. The old Classic ways were the best, you had to earn your mounts also it had been iconic! I stopped after Cataclysm came out, playing WotLK was the WoW Classic experience and I loved Classic WoW Classic and Burning Crusade the most! Taking away the talent trees was a significant mistake by Blizzard to earn character specialty simple for men and women! It is a pity actually how dumbed down WoW Classic became over the years and expansions... I'm really exited about WoW Classic, I hope it'll restore WoW Classic at 95% to it's former state!? Their music that is gloomy and these videos makes me understand how some people feel about needing vanilla WoW Classic to come back so much. They yearn for days where they had been rewarded rather and WoW Classic still had challenges to overcome to get them. Thank you for explaining such facts in thickness!? and quality
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