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In terms of support systems, the fortnite traps status-clearing Rally Cry can sometimes be helpful in co-ordinated drama, but Target Beacon, which induces a goal to take more damage from many sources, is always helpful, and should become your default support system. An enemy that's tagged with Goal Beacon and Acid will be taking a lot of damage from your teammates.

Activate this to do harm to huge bosses that would otherwise swat you down, or use it in order to escape a certain death situation. It'll burst Epic and Legendary enemies in short order.

Combos are so powerful in Anthem that it's difficult to justify being an authority that isn't a magician or a detonator, which will be buy Fortnite Items sad news for a number of the Interceptor's strikes. I have listed them with primers and detonators towards the top of the list, in order of brilliance. Venom Bomb, Cryo Glaive, Tempest Strike, and Venom Spray are the standout skills from my 25 hours with the game so far.

Be aware that as I write this several of the skill descriptions that you see in the Forge are incorrect, and do not correctly display which skills are primers and detonators. Additionally there's a possibility you may see some great drops on poorer abilities which make them more workable than they look. Venom Bomb: A primer that copes inflicts the Acid status impact and Acid damage. Hold down the button to get an aiming reticule which will show you where the bomb will land.

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