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On the other hand OSRS seems to be going down a really good route with its layout options, though I really do fear its Buy Runescape gold economy might finally falter without more gold sinks.

Also as somebody who knows quite a bit about the bot scene, even for all of the wrong reasons, I'll say it's harder than ever to eliminate botting. I would be surprised if 10% of OSRS were bots, and I'd predict sub.Not in Runescape, the gap between high end equipment to the ideal gear is countless thousand if not billions to get certain item updates. You can be rich comparatively to most and still not have any BIS items.

Man am I glad I left the transition, and im glad you said Runescape isnt only a nostalgia trip, as it isnt. Im living proof of the.best place to buy rsgold is a phenomenal match with literally amount of content to perform using a linear layout to make it feel.

There are so many things I love about it, such as choosing my own way to play, having afk abilities to do while getting through fun television shows, completing those 5 hour quests and permitting about the biggest sigh of relief, feeling as I did a true pursuit, not a few kill 8 conveys bullshit, im talking going full assassin's creed and slipping through a giant pier where if you get caught you shed 20+ minutes of progress( yeah im looking at you monkey madness 


I seriously can't recommend Runescape sufficient for anyone whos looking for a MMO that is genuinse. There are infinite ways to play with it, as said in the video, all with very very different ways than other accounts.Runescape 2 altered 

my entire life in middle school. I had played all summer got up my skills a bit and did pursuit. I left many friends in college the next year because everybody was playing rs2 in the time and helped lots of new players in my school. Ive 

said it several times before the thing runescape does better than any other mmo actually is its own loot table, no video game in history has such an ideal and beautifully layed out loot table compared to runescape.

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