Creating approaches in WoW Classic

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THEN they provide you a few fancy buffs and you continue to get those tusks easily. Dying and conquer are part of WoW Classic. Sometimes this world of warcraft is fair. We don't know what will happen!

Among the most underrated and fun gold creating approaches in WoW Classic, is accomplished by rogue. You wow classic gold enter high degree dungeons (low level ones) and you go for chests! With a vanish and max picklock skill and sap, you can get some BOE greens, greens and even epics! Also insane for new servers, as you're able to find buyers that are keen ! Its very random how profitable it is, but its so much FUN! Its a high stake treasure search from begin to finish!

This video seems like someone who read about vanilla WoW Classic, but did not play it.Doesn't enter depth of difficulty playing Ret Paladin with consistent spamming of seals and blessing to remain efficient. Warlock raid potential is hampered due to curse limitation on bosses they seem to do dps in light's hope northdale gold which the limit has been raised and their dps can quadruple. 

Hunter suffers from the contrary, with dps at the start, but falls off as ammo is a limit of their dps. And Shaman dps using Windfury was a bug that I read it'd be interesting if it exist in WoW Classic.

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