Single Men's Demand for Sex Dolls Has Doubled

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Urdolls is the world's largest sex doll store

One of Quibi's latest episodes by comedy writer Cody Heller is "virtual." "Virtual Man" is starred by Anna Kendrick and follows her love relationship with her boyfriend's real sex doll, which is very interesting. For Heller, the story is semi-autobiographical. Heller drew inspiration from his own experience with fiance Dan Harmon. Dan Harmon was widely praised for his creations of "Community" and "Rick and Morty", and he personally walked by a person who was responding to his own insecurity The woman who develops the most intimate relationship with which she can establish is her personal relationship with herself.

One day, she noticed flashes scattered on his shirt. "I thought, what was that?" She remembered. "It turns out that this is a lot of problems caused by the doll. Does the doll sleep with him in bed? What happened? What do I have to offer? He has a sex doll, so he doesn't need me to have sex, and then I want to know Am I smart enough or smart enough to be with Dan, I used him as an idol when the relationship started, because he was more successful than me (how, how.)

A supplier of sex dolls claims that the demand for its models has surged since the coronavirus was locked. The blockade has exempted a "anime sex doll revolution" because singles and couples are ordering them in droves. At first glance it seems clear why this is the case. In the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us were isolated in isolation or without close partners. Although it is easy to scoff, it is not surprising that a doll can provide companionship without being accompanied by others.

As Dr. Kate Devlin pointed out in her recent book "Turn around: Science, sex and robots", Male sex doll are often related to single men. However, parents who are socially excluded by couples, people with disabilities, and adult children also often buy these items. The website found that the demand for single men of all sexual orientations more than doubled. Sales from February to March increased by 51.6%, while orders for single women increased by 15.8% during the same period.

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Urdolls is the world's largest sex doll store, offering more than 2,600 high-end handmade and custom TPE sex doll designs from 16 different brands. Cody Heller opened the "dummy" produced by Quibi starring Anna Kendrick. This is a boyfriend based on Heller and real life. Comedy depending on the sex doll of Dan Harmon ("Rick and Morty").

Ten minutes of TV? It may sound crazy or strange to us in the past, but the new short form mobile video platform Quibi has mastered the art of ten minutes of entertainment and offers many interesting and quirky shows to prove it. These are just plans, there is no formal thing yet, but we are tinkering with how to put the doll in a way to talk to you or flirt with you, these are the romantic things you want the doll to expect. "Although these plans may be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the outbreak actually promoted its sales.

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