If those things were inserted to Madden 21 coins

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If those things were inserted to Madden 21 coins or nhl such as it would be a"just take my money" situation Idk about fifa, however madden you used to be able to do things like Adjust the cost of tickets to go into the stadium, adjust food expenses, the challenges and training camp felt more fun and comprehensive than they do today. They took out all the detailed content in franchise style and made it bleh.

I cant speak for how Fifa plays the issue with Madden is it doesnt play just like football. Its rather hard to explain but the common contrast is to NFL 2K5 in which looking at play of this (we are referring to a game from'05) looks a lot more natural and football-like than a game 15 years after - not to mention it had many more features.But in the heart of this, I simply want it to feel like soccer again not this pre-canned animations . With field goal blocks, the match decides this before the snap, its pre-determined and unnatural.

Theres also Meta plays where one or two plays are so broken individuals just run them over. In real life a team cant do this for an whole match but in Madden several are just so broken its a money-play daily.Theres a lot of things wrong with Madden that requesting"Innovation" isnt what it needs. It ought to return to basics and play properly haha.

Yeah, the games have become too dominated by animation triggers. In older games you might actually time that the mut coins madden 21 snap nicely and have a chance at blocking a FG or punt obviously, but at the recent Madden games, it is so frustrating simply to get a bad dice role and watch all of your players go in slow motion while the ball easily gets blocked.

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