- Comunicati pubblicati - Classica - Comunicati pubblicati - Classica Fri, 03 Apr 2020 09:47:17 +0200 Zend_Feed_Writer 1.12.20 ( Biscuits Market Revenue | Global Demand, Share, Key Players and Forecast to 2023 Thu, 02 Apr 2020 11:44:06 +0200 suraj taur suraj taur Biscuits Market Overview

Global Biscuits Industry is driven due to rising globalization, increase in disposable income and demand for convenience food and sedentary lifestyle.  Increasing health concerns amongst people is also driving healthy biscuit segment. Availability of different flavors and consumer-oriented advertisement will continue to support the market in upcoming years. Organic and sugar free biscuits are becoming popular in different age groups. The strategic adoption of companies for promoting their products cross promotional tactics such as celebrity endorsement their product and intelligent marketing through advertisement is also supporting the growth of biscuits market. Hence, the biscuit market is expected to grow at CAGR of 5%.

Global Biscuits Market Revenue which is fortified with fibers are in high demand among health cognizant consumers. In commonwealth countries glucose biscuit is consumed at higher rate. Biscuits is at a higher value and production level than that of other bakery product. APAC is emerging market; major key players have started to invest in this growing region. To target all type of class, brands have launched premium range which are being sold online. Countries like China, India biscuits are consumed as snacks during teatime and breakfast time. India is known to be the second largest manufacturer of biscuits, the first being USA.

Growing and toughening retail network is expected to be the major driving force for the Switzerland and other European biscuits market. Systematized retailing and promotion and effective branding by suppliers are projected to open new market openings for the biscuits market in Europe. Growing capital investments is the key driver of the retail segment. The existing well-established chocolate market in Switzerland has been supporting for the new product line introduction of biscuits. Increase in number of mergers and acquisitions has resulted in the consolidation of the biscuits market in the Western European region.

Biscuits Industry Key Players Review

This report includes a study of strategies, of major Biscuits Industry players. It includes the product portfolios, developments of leading major players such as Cadbury (U.K.), Parle (India), Britannia (India), CEEMEA (U.K.), Nestlé (Switzerland), Burton's Foods Ltd. (U.K.), Lotus Bakeries NV (Belgium),  United Biscuits (U.K.), Walkers Shortbread Ltd (U.K.) and Kellogg Co (U.S.)

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Biscuits Industry Regional Analysis

Asia-Pacific region is estimated to dominate the market in the year 2016 followed by North America share. India, China and Australia are major biscuit market in the Asia-Pacific region. Presence of various agro-climatic zones and government support various biscuit production in this region. U.K. and Germany are major biscuit market in the Europe region. Strong potential of biscuit production and consumption cookies biscuit market growth the most among the various regions in the world. Increasing investment by key players like Kraft Foods in South American countries especially in Brazil is influencing the market growth in that particular region.

Biscuits Market Segments

The global Biscuit market has been divided into major ingredients, category, product type, specialty type and region.

On the Basis Of major ingredients: Wheat, Millets, Oats, Mixed Grain and others. On The Basis Of category: Sweet Biscuits, Chocolate Biscuits, Savory Biscuits, Crisp Bread, Crackers and others. On The Basis Of product type: Everyday Treats, Special Treats, Everyday Biscuits, Healthy Biscuits, Children's Biscuits and others. On The Basis Of specialty type: Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Fortified and others. On The Basis Of Region: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and ROW.

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Purging Compound Market Analysis | Comprehensive Research Study, Size, Share, Trends, Demand, Key Player profile and Regional Outlook by 2023 Thu, 02 Apr 2020 09:28:08 +0200 Tejas Amale Tejas Amale The plastic resin compound which is designed to clean the thermoplastic extruders and machines is called Purging Compound. It is used for removing color and contaminants from machines and the thermoplastic extruder. The mechanical purge, chemical purge and liquid purge are the types of purging compound and they are known for reduced scraps, less processing time, efficiency, and durability nature. Owing to these features, they are used in various applications such as automotive, construction, industrial machinery, and others.

The Global Purging Compound Market Analysis has been driven by the growing consumption of mechanical and chemical purge in heavy end industries. It is predicted that the market is set to witness a higher growth due to an increase in the number of manufacturing units to produce mechanical and chemical purges in automotive, chemical and construction industries.

Competitive Analysis:

Some of the major players functioning in the Global Purging Compound Market are 3M Company (U.S.A.), The Dow Chemical Company (U.S.A.), Kuraray Co., Ltd. (Japan), RapidPurge (U.S.A.), CALSAK Corporation (U.S.A.), VELOX GmbH (Germany), Daicel Corporation (Japan), Chem-Trend (China), BASF SE( Germany),among others.

Market Segmentation:

The Global Purging Compound Market is differentiated into type, process and application. By type, the market is further segmented into mechanical purge, chemical purge and liquid purge. The mechanical purge and liquid surge segments are involved in applications such as automotive, polymer, industrial machinery, construction, and others. Among these, mechanical surge segment holds the major share in the market due to various features offered by the product such as fast processing and reduced downtime and fewer raw materials. It is also predicted that chemical surge segment is set to expand at a higher rate due to its growing demand in low pressure applications such as pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, pressure transducer and nano composite membranes. On the basis of process, the market is further subdivided into extrusion, injection and blow moldings. Among these, extrusion molding segment is set to expand at a higher rate due to its endless use in heavy industries. Applications segmented are further segregated into automotive, construction, polymer, industrial machinery, and others. Automotive segment is the major contributor to this market and estimated to witness a higher growth in the market due to growing use of Purging Compounds in the industry.

Segmental Analysis:

The Global Purging Compound Market is spanned across five key regions of the world namely Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East & Africa. Among these, North America holds a major share in the market and is anticipated to continue its dominance due to rising demand for purging compounds in end use industries. Asia Pacific is predicted to witness a higher CAGR owing to growing popularity of extrusion and injection molding processes in automotive, construction and industrial machinery. Europe has observed a rapid growth in the market owing to the growing use of injection molding process in the major industries. Moreover, Latin America and the Middle East & Africa have noticed a significant development in the region owing to growing demand for chemical purge segment in heavy end industries.

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Barium Fluoride Industry | Size, Growth and Trends, Demand by 2023 Thu, 02 Apr 2020 07:22:03 +0200 Tejas Amale Tejas Amale Competitive Analysis

Some of the well-known players operating in the global barium fluoride market are Solvay (Belgium), GFS Chemicals, Inc. (US), International Crystal Laboratories (US), All-Chemie, Ltd. (US), Barium & Chemicals, Inc. (US), Wego Chemical & Mineral Corp (US), Alfa Chemical Corp (US), Super Conductor Materials Inc. (US), Jay Intermediates and Chemicals (India), and Triveni Interchem Private Limited (Group Of Triveni Chemicals) (India) among others.


The global Barium Fluoride Industry is segmented into the application, and end-use.

On the basis of the application, the market is segregated into ammonium fluoride, hydrogen fluoride, calcium fluoride, sodium fluoride, and sulphur hexafluoride segments. The market by the end-use is bifurcated into aluminum metallurgy, optical material, oil refining, spectroscopic components, pharmaceuticals, food, and others.

Barium fluoride is used in a wide variety of applications, due to their capability of offering extended IR transmittance, low refractive index, low dispersion, radiation resistance to the final product. Thus, it is used in various applications such as aluminum metallurgy, optical material, oil refining, spectroscopic components, pharmaceuticals, food, and others. The global barium fluoride market is spanned across five regions of the world namely Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa. Among these, Asia Pacific holds a major share of the global market and is projected to continue leading, owing to the increasing consumption of an organic compound in ammonium fluoride, hydrogen fluoride, and calcium fluoride. It is estimated that the hydrogen fluoride segment is set to observe the highest CAGR in the market due to its growing consumption in pharmaceutical intermediates and fluoropolymers. Moreover, increasing demand for the product in aluminum metallurgy, optical material, and others are likely to witness a rapid growth during the forecast period. These factors have led China, India, and Japan to be the major players of this region.

The North American market is expected to grow at a higher CAGR due to extensive consumption of barium fluoride in aluminum metallurgy, optical material, oil refining, and others. The US, Canada, and Mexico have achieved a significant place in the market due to the growing investments in end-use industries. Therefore, the growing demand for the product from end-use industries is estimated to drive the market during the forecast period.

A moderate development is achieved in Europe due to the growing demand for the product in pharmaceutical chemical, oil & gas industries, and others. Rapid urbanization coupled with technology have propelled the market to witness a better growth. Thus, countries such as Germany, the UK, and Italy are the major contributors to this market.

A considerable development is predicted in the Latin American region such as in Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina due to the growing consumption of an organic compound in the production of welding agents, enamel, and others. Moreover, a rapid development is estimated in the Middle East & African region such as Qatar, the UAE, and others due to increasing demand for solvents and intermediates in end-use industries.

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interessante Vintage-Stücke zu verwenden, um Fantasie hinzuzufügen und Thu, 02 Apr 2020 02:08:05 +0200 leyo leyo
Ich liebe den ätherischen und fast präraffaelitischen Stil bei diesem Shooting. Haare und Make-up sind ein Traum. Goldspray oder ein bisschen Glitzer, jemand? 

"Ich verwende nur handgemachte Blumen kleider hochzeit, und alle Perlenarbeiten werden von Hand mit wunderschönen Kristallen und Preciosa-Perlen in meinem Studio in Kopenhagen ausgeführt. Ich liebe es, interessante Vintage-Stücke zu verwenden Fantasie und Magie, und um ein einzigartiges Stück zu bekommen ... " 

Diese Bilder sind exklusiv für Love My Dress und wurden noch nicht anderswo gesehen ...

Um mehr über Jannie Baltzer und ihre exquisiten Designs zu erfahren, besuchen Sie die Website von Jannie Baltzer oder ihren Online-Shop hier {hier finden Sie ein schnelles und einfaches Online-Umrechnungstool von US-Dollar in Britische Pfund brautkleider a linie, falls erforderlich} Sie können Jannie auch auf Twitter @ JaniieBaltzer und auf Facebook folgen und Jannie hat auch ihren eigenen Blog. 

Green Polymer Additive Market Share | Segments, Size, Growth, Trends, Demand, Industry Analysis, Key Player profile and Regional Outlook by 2025 Wed, 01 Apr 2020 08:34:02 +0200 Tejas Amale Tejas Amale Polymer additives are components, added to the polymer to modify its properties such as plasticity, temperature, and chemical resistance, colorants, and others. Polymers include lubricants, plasticizers, viscosity modifiers, antistatic and antifogging agents, and others. Polymer additives enhance properties of the polymer to make it suitable for specific applications. The global green polymer Market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7% during the forecast period.


To gain a broad picture of the global Green Polymer Additives Market Share , the report is segmented by type, ingredient, application, and region.

Based on the type, the market is divided into plasticizers, stabilizers, fillers, flame retardants, antioxidants, and others.

Based on the applications, the market is segmented into packaging, automotive, biopolymer, injection molding, caps & closures, and others.

Based on regions, the market is segregated into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa.

Market Dynamics:

Demand For Green Plastics and Environmental Concerns Are the Prime determinants Of the Market

A spate of environmental laws exemplified by the European Union forbidding the use of di-octyl phthalate in polymers owing to demand economically sustainable chemical products. Green Polymer Additives are biodegradable additives, which enable the formation of green polymers and help mitigate environmental concerns.

The demand for substituting petroleum-based additives due to environmental concerns over growing plastic pollution, renewable nature, low toxicity and public acceptance of green polymers is another driver of the market. The development of renewable epoxidized soybean oil (ESO) technology based additives is creating a demand for green polymers in the market.

Enactment of regulations such as the registration, evaluation, authorization, and restriction of chemicals act (REACH) is another driver of the market. These regulations promote the use of eco-friendly chemicals and restrict harmful chemicals. Another regulation driving the market is Clean Air Act.

Technological And Product Development Strategies Is Expected To Yield High Dividends

Due to its attractive benefits such as renewable, and biodegradability, poly-lactide acid (PLA) is considered as a very promising ecological, bio-sourced and biodegradable plastic materials. Research is ongoing in biopolymer made of lignin, abundant natural material and a byproduct of the paper industry. Such developments are expected to possess the most massive market opportunity.

The high cost of bio-polymer additives and fluctuation in the price of stock materials is expected to dent the market

The high cost of biopolymer additives and fluctuations in stock materials is a restraint on the market. The concerns of food security need to be mitigated. However, the growing usage of eco-friendly packaging materials is expected to overcome the constraints.

Regional Analysis:

North America dominates the global green polymer additive market holding 40% of the market share in 2016 owing mainly to consumers awareness and increasing appeal for green and eco-friendly packaging. The presence of significant players and technological advancements in Europe drives its second position of the global green polymer additive market after North America. The UK, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands account for the most significant market share of the region.

Asia Pacific is expected to gain momentum in the field of green chemistry owing to ongoing R&D activities. Latin America success of producing green fuel such as bioethanol and biodiesel is expected to present it with a significant market opportunity. The Middle East & African market is supposed to be led by Gulf economies of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar.

Dominant Vendors:

The prominent players in the global green polymer additive market are Solvay SA (Belgium), Evonik Industries AG (Germany), DuPont (US), Clariant AG (Switzerland), The Dow Chemical Company (US), Myriant Corporation (US), BASF SE (Germany), Lanxess AG (Germany), AkzoNobel NV (Netherlands), PolyOne Corporation (US), Emery Oleochemicals Group (Malaysia), and others

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Organic Food Preservatives Market | Key Player profile, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, Demand, Industry Analysis and Regional Outlook by 2024 Wed, 01 Apr 2020 08:28:49 +0200 Tejas Amale Tejas Amale Many of the food products in the market require, preservatives so as to ensure a longer shelf life for products. Market Research Future, a firm which specializes in market reports related to the Food and Beverage sector among others, recently published a report on this market. The sector is expected to develop at an accelerated pace with a complimenting CAGR percentage in the forecast period.

Artificial preservatives have been in use since quite a while now, but their negative repercussions on health have led to a sharp decline in their usage. The organic food preservatives has grown in order to address this need for natural preservatives that do not lead to long-term damages to health. Awareness of health and increased nutritional benefits have boosted the development of the sector favorably.

Industry Segments:

The global Organic Food Preservatives Market is initially divided on the basis of function into antimicrobials, antioxidants, and others.

The antimicrobials segment is expected to be the fastest-growing segment in the organic food preservatives market during the forecast period. Furthermore, on the basis of nutrients, the industry is segmented into minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, and others. The highly nutritious qualities have helped in increasing the market for organic food preservatives. On the basis of application, the sector is categorized into bakery & confectionery, dairy & frozen products, oils & fats, snacks & beverages, meat, poultry & seafood, and others. The organic food preservatives are being used as a beneficial alternative to table sugar for a wide range of bakery products, food products and beverages which is growing its demand globally. The distribution channels have segmented the sector into store based such as supermarkets & hypermarkets, specialty stores, food processing industries, and others, and non-store based.

Detailed Regional Analysis:

The market is regionally segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Rest of the World (RoW). Among these, Asia Pacific region has amassed major market share owing to swift increase in demand for food shadowed by North America. The organic food preservatives market is evolving rapidly in this region as the high demand levels for organic foods has repercussions on the preservative categories required to maintain freshness in products. There is mounting demand for dietary products, nutritious food and beverages as well as due to health benefits of these organic preservatives in this region. Changing consumer preferences for natural, dietary, and healthy products will sustain the use of organic food preservatives products in Asia Pacific region over the forecast period. Emergent demand for food and beverages in North America will drive the growth of the market in this region in the forecasting period. However, Asia Pacific region is expected to observe maximum growth in the global organic food preservatives market over the forecast period.

Global Competitive Analysis:

A trend of volume-driven growth has been observed in the market of late with the development of different varieties of product types. The industry players in the segment are effectively utilizing their primary resources to initiate long lasting growth changes. The sector is undergoing considerable transformation which has accelerated the growth pace of the sector. Conversely, with companies aiming to capture a considerable share of the market segment as early as possible, experimentation with various advantage points is being seriously considered and implemented.The best long-term growth opportunities for this sector can be harnessed by ensuring ongoing process improvements and maintaining financial flexibility to invest in the optimal strategies.

The major market players include Cargill, Incorporated (US), DuPont Nutrition & Health (Denmark), Tate & Lyle (UK), Univar Inc. (US), Akzo Nobel NV (Netherlands), Kemin Industries, Inc. (US) and Hawkins Watts Limited (Australia).

Industry Updates:

Jan 2018 Arjuna Naturals Extracts, Ltd. announced its natural preservative formulation for combating oxidation, thermal degradation and extending the frying cycle of vegetable oils. The new and natural preservative formulation contains a few simple ingredients and allows a clean label. The product is also GMO-free, oil-soluble and vegan. After garnering a strong initial response, the company has decided to immediately market this product worldwide.

Feb 2018 Arjuna Natural Extracts has recently launched a natural, formulation-specific preservative intended to increase the shelf life of chilled meats. The difference of this from existing options is based on the synthetic preservatives commonly used in chilled meats, which contain nitrates which can generate nitrosamines, the chemical compounds suspected of increasing cancer risk. Arjuna has asserted that X-tend's natural formulation can safely switch with chemical nitrosomyoglobin-forming preservatives while being non-carcinogenic and safe to use in chilled meat.

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Cast Acrylic Sheets Market Share | Size, Growth, Trends, Demand, Industry Analysis, Key Player profile and Regional Outlook by 2023 Tue, 31 Mar 2020 08:26:36 +0200 Tejas Amale Tejas Amale Market Players:

Some of the key players operating in the global market are Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (Japan), Evonik Industries AG (Germany), Altuglass International Arkema Group (France), 3A Composites GmbH (Germany), Aristech Surfaces LLC (US), MADREPERLA Spa ( Italy), Spartech (US), Astari Niagara International (Indonesia), Pyrasied Xtreme Acrylic (Netherlands), Asia Poly Industrial Sdn Bhd (Malaysia), SCG Chemicals Co., Ltd (Thailand), Shanghai Acrylic (Cast) Chemical Corporation (China ), Jokema industry Co. Ltd (Taiwan), and Limacryl NV (Belgium).

Global Cast Acrylic Sheets Market Share has been segmented on the basis of type, application, and region.

By type, the global cast acrylic sheets market has been classified into cell cast acrylic sheet, continuous cast acrylic sheet, and extruded cast acrylic sheet. Among these, the cell cast acrylic sheet was the largest and the fastest growing segment in 2018. The segment is expected to maintain its dominance during the review period, owing to the low cost of production of cell cast acrylic sheet as compared to the other two types. Additionally, the production process of cast acrylic and extruded cast acrylic sheets is labor intensive, which is also expected to contribute to the growth of the cell cast acrylic sheet segment.

Based on application, the global cast acrylic sheets market has been divided into sanitary ware, signage & display, architecture & interior design, automotive & transportation, furniture & design, and others. The signs & displays held the largest share and was the fastest growing segment in 2018, due to the increasing use of display screens and sign boards on roads, hotel lobbies, airports, and most commonly in retailing and merchandising. Increasing marketing activities are boosting the use of signs & displays. In addition, due to the versatile properties such as lightweight, high strength, resistance to chemicals, and low cost of production is boosting the growth of the signs & displays segment in the global cast acrylic sheets market.

Regional Analysis:

The global cast acrylic sheets market has been spanned across five key regions, namely Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa. Asia-Pacific held the largest share and was the fastest growing regional market in 2018, owing to the growing use of cast acrylic sheets in the automotive and transportation industry. North America held the second-largest share of the global cast acrylic sheets market in 2018 and is projected to continue the trend during the forecast period. The European market is expected to witness considerable growth, and the Latin American market is expected to record moderate growth during the forecast period. The Middle East & African market is projected to witness sluggish growth during the review period.

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Phosphate Rocks Market | Key Player profile, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, Demand, Industry Analysis and Regional Outlook by 2024 Tue, 31 Mar 2020 07:57:08 +0200 Tejas Amale Tejas Amale The growth of the global phosphate rocks market is primarily driven by its use in phosphorous production, which is further used as a chemical feedstock. The limited availability of cultivable land across the globe due to industrialization and urbanization has resulted in an increased demand for fertilizers for crop production. With the growing population, the agricultural production has increased, which is projected to drive the growth of the global phosphate rocks market during the assessment period. However, the increasing adoption of environmentally friendly products due to stringent regulations associated with environment protection by the US Environmental Protection Agency and EU legislation is expected to hamper the market growth.  

The Global Phosphate Rocks Market is projected to register a CAGR of over 3% during the review period.

Competitive Analysis

Some of the prominent players in the global phosphate rocks are Nutrien Ltd. (Canada), Phosphate Resources Limited (Australia), Jordan Phosphate Mines Co (Jordan), Itafos (Canada), GCT (Saudi Arabia), OCP (South Africa), The Mosaic Company (US), Anglo American (UK), PhosAgro (Russia), and  Maaden - Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Saudi Arabia).

Segment Analysis

By application, the global phosphate rocks market has been segmented into fertilizers, animal feed supplements, chemicals, food preservatives, water treatment, fungicides, cosmetics, detergents, and others. Among these, the fertilizers segment dominated the global market in 2018 due to the extensive use of phosphorous in nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium (NPK) fertilizers across the globe. The demand for NPK fertilizers is increasing as the components offer a number of benefits together, wherein nitrogen is responsible for the growth of leaves on the plant; phosphorus enhances root growth and flower and fruit development; whereas potassium is a nutrient that helps the overall functions of the plant perform correctly.

Industry News

  • In January 2019 , The Mosaic Company, a miner and provider of phosphate fertilizers, entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Sinochem, China's largest agricultural inputs company, wherein Sinochem aims to purchase phosphate rock and phosphate fertilizers, including premium products, from Mosaic.

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Cardiac Assist Devices Market Pegged for Robust Expansion During 2019– 2029 Mon, 30 Mar 2020 12:59:44 +0200 Ankush Nikam Ankush Nikam The market report envelopes an all-in information of the global   Cardiac Assist Devices market and the nature of the market growth over the foreseeable period. The report provides a comprehensive elaboration of the positives and negatives of the global   Cardiac Assist Devices market with DROT and Porter’s Five Forces analysis. With SWOT analysis, the report offers detailed insights about different players operating within the   Cardiac Assist Devices market. In addition, the analysts of the report have served thequalitative and quantitative scrutinizing of different micro- and macro-economic factors influencing the global   Cardiac Assist Devices market.

Key segments covered in the global   Cardiac Assist Devices market report by Product Type include

  • Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)
  • Right Ventricular Assist Device (RVAD)
  • Biventricular assist device (BIVAD)
  • External Ventricular Assist Devices

The   Cardiac Assist Devices market report examines the consumption patter of each segment and the factors affecting the pattern. In addition, the report focuses on the production footprint of each segment in various industries and regions across the globe.

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By End Use industry, the global   Cardiac Assist Devices market consists of the following:

  • Hospital
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers

 The    Cardiac Assist Devices market report helps the readers grasp the changing trend in the industry supply chain, manufacturing techniques and expenses, and current scenario of the end uses in the global  Cardiac Assist Devices market.

Prominent players covered in the global   Cardiac Assist Devices market contain

  • Medtronic PLC., 
  • Abbott Laboratories, 
  • Terumo Corporation, and among others. 

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All the players running in the global    Cardiac Assist Devices market are elaborated thoroughly in the   Cardiac Assist Devices market report on the basis of proprietary technologies, distribution channels, industrial penetration, manufacturing processes, and revenue. In addition, the report examines R&D developments, legal policies, and strategies defining the competitiveness of the   Cardiac Assist Devices market players.

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The    Cardiac Assist Devices market analyses the following important regions:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
  • Oceania
  • MEA 

The    Cardiac Assist Devices market report answers the following queries:

  1. Why consumers are highly inclined towards the consumption of segment in the   Cardiac Assist Devices market?
  2. What are the opportunities available for players operating in the global   Cardiac Assist Devices market?
  3. Which trends have the maximum impact on the growth of the global   Cardiac Assist Devices market?
  4. Why region leads the global   Cardiac Assist Devices market?
  5. What are the drivers and restraints affecting the market size of the global   Cardiac Assist Devices market?

What the report encloses for the readers:

  • Critical insights of each segment, including volume growth outlook, and demand & supply pattern.
  • A to Z of each player –positives & negatives, current status, future developments – of the global   Cardiac Assist Devices market.
  • Detailed information regarding the trends influencing the growth of the global   Cardiac Assist Devices market.
  • In-depth assessment on the utilization of   Cardiac Assist Devices in each end use industry.
  • Historical data and future growth outlook of the global    Cardiac Assist Devices market.

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High pressure seals Market | Demand, Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, Key Player profile and Regional Outlook by 2025 Mon, 30 Mar 2020 05:51:14 +0200 Tejas Amale Tejas Amale Competitive Analysis

Some of the key players operating in the global high pressure seals market are American High Performance Seals (US), PERFORMANCE SEALING INC (US), Kalsi Engineering, Inc. (US), John Crane (US), EagleBurgmann Germany GmbH & Co Kg (Germany), Flowserve Corporation (US), Garlock Sealing Technologies LLC (US), FP Paris (France), DowDuPont, Inc. (US), Trelleborg Sealing Solutions (Sweden), Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. (US), France Joint (France), James Walker (UK), Parker Hannifin Corp (US), and Gallagher Fluid Seals, Inc. (US).

The global high pressure seals market has been segmented by material, application, end-use industry, and region.

On the basis of material, the global high pressure seals market has been segmented into metal, rubber, rubber-metal combination, and others. The rubber segment has further been classified as polyacrylate (ACM), ethylene acrylate rubber (AEM), polychloroprene (CR), thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber (HBR), nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR), fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber, ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), vinyl methyl silicon rubber (VMQ), and others. The rubber-metal combination segment was the largest global high pressure seals market in 2017 due to its advantages such as less compression and deformation of elastomeric ring due to the presence of metal casing, effective airtight sealing at lower bolt loads for large bore flanges due to the presence of elastomer, and high overall strength. This segment is expected to continue growing during the forecast period.

On the basis of application, the global high pressure seals market has been segmented into pumps, agitators, valves, compressors, tube couplings, pipes and ducts, and others. Pumps, valves, and pipes and ducts are the most common applications areas of high pressure seals across various end-use industries. However, other application segments are also expected to witness considerable growth during the forecast period.

On the basis of end-use industry, the global high pressure seals market has been segmented into oil & gas, aerospace, automotive, power generation, chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and others. The oil & gas industry held the largest share of the global high pressure seals market in 2017 due to the widespread application of the product in the downstream, midstream, and upstream sectors. The market is expected to continue growing during the forecast period due to the established petrochemicals processing industry in developed countries and the increasing number of petrochemical projects in emerging economies.

Regional Analysis

The global high pressure seals market has been studied with respect to five regions, namely, Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa. The market in Asia-Pacific is expected to exhibit the highest CAGR during the forecast period. The North American and European markets are also expected to showcase significant growth during the forecast period. Considerable demand for high pressure seals is projected in the Middle East & Africa during the forecast period, while the Latin American market is likely to grow at a sluggish rate during the forecast period.

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um Rat bei allen Arten der Hochzeitsplanung bitten Mon, 30 Mar 2020 02:31:40 +0200 leyo leyo

Nachmittagsvölker! Ich weiß also, dass sich viele von Ihnen zu Weihnachten und Neujahr verloben mussten, weil mein Blog-Verkehr so hoch wie nie zuvor ist und ich neu verlobte E-Mails bekomme, in denen ich um Rat zu allen Arten der Hochzeitsplanung gebeten werde. Ich muss mich im Grunde mindestens dreimal klonen, um all dem zu folgen! 

Ich weiß, dass einige von Ihnen sich wünschen werden, herauszufinden, was in der Vintage-Hochzeitsszene los ist. Traditionell muss ich ehrlich sein brautkleider Weiß, Hochzeitssalons haben mir nicht immer wirklich "angetan". Das heißt, mit Ausnahme der Designer Wedding Show, die ich liebe. Aber vor ungefähr einem Jahr habe ich mich an der Designer Vintage Bridal Show beteiligt.

Heute möchte ich die Details einer neuen Vintage-Hochzeitsmesse mitteilen, die am 19. Februar im Glenmore House in Surrey, der Miss Vintage Wedding Affair, stattfinden wird. Und das scheint eine ziemlich fabelhafte kleine Angelegenheit zu sein. Der Eintritt ist für alle Bräute frei und nur £ 1 für alle, und es gibt einige Super-Duper-Anbieter, die an diesem Tag ausstellen…

C'est la première fois que je présente une robe de mariée Ellis Fri, 27 Mar 2020 01:40:35 +0100 munloy munloy Un grand merci à Anneli pour partager sa photographie aujourd'hui…

"J'ai rencontré Anneli pour la première fois sur un shooting de mode nuptiale par l'intermédiaire d'une de nos amies qui était maquilleuse. J'ai adoré travailler avec Anneli et j'ai adoré son travail!"

Mesdames, dites-moi, qui planifiez-vous un mariage chic et où? Jetez un coup d'œil ici pour plus d'inspiration de mariage chic.

C'est la première fois que je présente une robe de mariée Ellis sur Love My Dress - quelqu'un d'autre devrait-il porter un numéro Ellis Bridals? Et découvrez ces chaussures Upper Street! J'ai organisé un concours avec Upper Street peu avant Noël, ce fut un énorme succès, même si je ne suis pas surpris. Donnez à chaque femme une demi-chance de créer sa propre paire de talons parfaite, et elle serait là `` avec ses bottes noircies '', comme disait ma grand-mère 

S'il vous plaît, promettez-moi de consulter Anneli Marinovich sur Love My Dress - elle a présenté de beaux travaux sur ces pages de blog. Voir également plus d'inspiration art déco Goodrobe, années 1920, années 1930 robe de soirée maternité, chic de la ville et mariages à Londres - tous joliment classés juste pour vous

Healthy Smoothies Market Size, Global Overview, Share, Key Players and Forecast to 2023 Thu, 26 Mar 2020 10:48:19 +0100 suraj taur suraj taur Market Overview

Increasing demand for smoothies in a global market coupled with health benefits associated with the product is growing the market for healthy smoothies at an incremental pace. Escalating demand for functional beverages is driving the market for healthy smoothies’ market. Change in lifestyle, increasing consumption of functional foods and beverages, and increasing awareness for health benefits associated with healthy smoothies have raised the demand for healthy smoothie on a global level. Innovation in flavors and the packaging of the product have encouraged the market to grow at a fast pace. 

It has been witnessed that consumers are demanding more for convenience beverages to boost their energy, which is driving the growth of healthy smoothies’ market. Moreover, increasing health conscious population is also having a positive impact on the growth of this market. Rise in disposable income and change in consumption pattern among the consumers is another factor contributing to the growth of the market. Additionally, increasing working population demand “on-the-go” beverages for instant intake of energy to the body.

Key Players Review

Owing to rise in health consciousness among the consumers on a global level, the demand for healthy smoothie has gained massive growth. Based on this, the established manufacturers in the global healthy smoothie market have undergone high R&D investments to boost their product quality and introduce wide range of product-line. Moreover, new players are expected to enter into the market owing to escalating demand for the product from the consumers end. The key strategy followed by key players majorly includes product innovations followed by innovative packaging and promotional activities.

The key players profiled in Healthy Smoothie’s Market Size report are Smoothie King (U.S.), Bolthouse Farms, Inc. (U.S.), Barfresh Food Group (U.S.), Innocent Drinks (U.K.), MTY Food Group (Canada), Crussh Juice Bars (Australia), and Freshens (U.S.) among many others.

Market Segments

Healthy Smoothie Market is divided into type, packaging material, distribution channel, and region.

Based on Type: Fresh and Processed

Based on Packaging material: Paper, Glass, Plastic, Metal and Others

Based on Distribution channel: Store based, and Non-store based

Based on Region: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and ROW.

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Molecular Sieves Market Analysis | Demand, Size, Share, Trends, Key Player profile and Regional Outlook by 2025 Thu, 26 Mar 2020 09:22:01 +0100 Tejas Amale Tejas Amale Molecular sieves are crystalline substances widely used as adsorbents in a broad array of applications particularly isomerization, hydrocracking, and industrial drying. The growing use of molecular sieves in the cosmetics & personal care industry is likely to create lucrative opportunities for the players operating in the Global Molecular Sieves Market.

The Global Molecular Sieves Market Analysis is expected to register a 4.5% CAGR during the review period.

Pricing Analysis

 The prices of molecular sieves differ by type, function, and application. The price of molecular sieve lies between range of USD 2000/Ton and USD 3000/Ton.


By Type: The molecular sieves market can primarily be categorized into 4A, 3A, 5A, 13X, zeolite Y, and others.

  • 4A—4A was the largest and fastest-growing segment in 2018. 4A molecular sieve has pore diameter of 4 angstrom, i.e., it adsorbs molecules with small diameters such as water, CO2, H2S, and methanol, among others. It is used in wide range of applications including drying & removal of CO2; removal of hydrocarbons, ammonia, & methanol from gas streams; dehydration of refrigerant & air in air brake units of trucks & buses; and drugs & food packaging.

  • 3A—Molecular sieve 3A is the potassium form of the type A crystal structure. It adsorbs molecules with 3 angstrom diameter and thus, mostly used for dehydration. It finds application in the drying of unsaturated hydrocarbons, natural gas, highly polar compounds, and refrigerants.

  • 5A—Molecular sieve 5A is the calcium form of the type A crystal structure. It adsorbs molecules with 5 angstrom diameters. It is usually used for separation of normal and isomerous alkane, co-adsorption of CO2, and moisture.

  • 13X—It adsorbs molecules with less than 10 angstrom diameters. It is commonly used in the removal of mercaptans and removal of CO2 in cryogenic air separation.

  • Zeolite Y—Y type molecular sieves include ammonium, hydrogen, and ultra-stable. It is being used in various applications including adsorption of VOCs, cracking catalyst, and hydrocracking catalyst.

  • Others—The others segment accounted for the least market share and it includes type 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A.

By Form: The molecular sieves market has been segmented into bead, pellet, and powder.

  • Bead—Bead was the largest and fastest-growing segment of the Global Molecular Sieves Market in 2018. The segment’s growth can be attributed to the increasing applications in refrigerants, natural gas drying, insulation glass, and packaging.

  • Pellet—Molecular sieves in pellet form are used less than bead as pellets are more prone to breaking.

  • Powder—Molecular sieve powder finds use in the formulation of coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers for the removal of water traces.

By Product: The molecular sieves market has been segmented into zeolites, activated carbon, clay, and others.

  • Zeolites—Zeolites was the largest and fastest segment of the global molecular sieves market. The segment’s growth can be attributed to the increasing demand in major end-use industries such as detergents, automotive, oil & gas, building & construction, and cosmetics & personal care owing to its excellent adsorption properties.

  • Activated Carbon—Activated carbon finds use in various applications including wastewater treatment; removal of solvents & VOCs in printing; industrial drying; and VOC removal in foundries.

  • Clay—Clay molecular sieves are used to adsorb moisture and gases. The adsorption capacity of clay is considerable even at low humidity and it increases with the increase in humidity.

  • Others— The others segment includes porous glass & silica gel, and it accounted for the least share of the global molecular sieves market in 2018.

By End-Use Industry: The global molecular sieves market has been segmented into oil & gas, automotive; packaging; coatings, adhesives, sealants & elastomers (CASE); wastewater treatment; detergents; and others.

  • Oil & Gas—The segment accounted for the largest share of the global molecular sieves market in 2018 and is expected to register a significant CAGR during the review period. The growth can be attributed to the increase in oil and gas exploration activities to meet the global energy demand particularly from the developing economies.

  • Automotive—Automotive segment is expected to grow at a significant rate during the review period on account of increasing demand for adsorbents for air drying in air brake systems and for refrigerant drying in automotive air conditioning systems. The growing automotive industry in the developing economies is expected to fuel the demand for molecular sieves in the coming years.

  • Packaging—Molecular sieves are being widely used in the packaging of food, electronic components, and pharmaceuticals. The product is used for dehydration and to trace contamination removal in enclosed spaces. Increasing consumption of packaged food products across geographies is expected to propel the market growth during the review period.

  • Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants & Elastomers (CASE) —Molecular sieves are used to adsorb moisture present in the coatings, sealants, adhesives, and elastomers. Moisture can come from fillers, pigments, or ambient air during the production of CASE products.

  • Wastewater Treatment — Molecular sieves are used in wastewater treatment applications to adsorb odor, halogenated, and non-polar substances. The growing demand for clean drinking water and increasing regulations against wastewater discharge is propelling the growth of the wastewater treatment industry and thus, molecular sieve.

  • Detergents — Growing detergents industry with expanding demand for detergents in industrial and domestic applications has driven the demand for ion exchange agents and thus, molecular sieves.

  • Others — The others segment includes cosmetics & personal care and building & construction industries. The molecular sieves are used to adsorb water in the cosmetics & personal care industry and to increase the durability of insulated glass by adsorbing moisture in the construction industry.

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Almo Collegio Borromeo: quarto appuntamento della stagione concertistica Aspettando Beethoven Tue, 24 Mar 2020 15:55:33 +0100 articolinews articolinews Ad aprire il concerto del 28 gennaio, tenutosi presso la Sala degli Affreschi dell'Almo Collegio Borromeo, il lied In questa tomba oscura, con musica di Ludwig van Beethoven e testo di Giuseppe Carpani, letterato, poeta ed ex alunno del Borromeo.

Almo Collegio Borromeo - h2biz

Almo Collegio Borromeo, l'omaggio a Ludwig van Beethoven

Dedicata al celebre compositore di Bonn, la stagione concertistica 2019/2020 dell'Almo Collegio Borromeo è intitolata Aspettando Beethoven per volontà del Direttore Artistico Alessandro Marangoni. Il ciclo di incontri omaggia il talento musicale di uno dei più grandi compositori di tutti i tempi, del quale, quest'anno, ricorrono i 250 anni dalla nascita. Il quarto appuntamento della stagione è stato aperto dal lied per voce e pianoforte più amato tra quelli del repertorio di Beethoven, In questa tomba oscura, che venne realizzato con la musica del genio di Bonn e con il testo di Giuseppe Carpani, librettista italiano ed ex alunno del Collegio. Durante l'evento al Borromeo, la composizione è stata eseguita dal baritono pavese Bruno Taddia e dal pianista Andrea Corazziari, mentre Quirino Principe, famoso studioso di cultura musicale tedesca, ha realizzato gli intermezzi recitati. Il lied di Carpani nasconde aneddoti di duplice interesse perché, oltre a essere stato uno studente dell'Università di Pavia e del Borromeo, il suo testo fu protagonista di una gara fra 63 compositori: tra nomi celebri come Mozart figlio e Salieri, Beethoven ebbe la meglio nella competizione e la sua versione musicata fu scelta da Carpani per l'esecuzione di In questa tomba oscura. Nel programma del quarto incontro di Aspettando Beethoven, anche uno dei cicli liederistici più celebri, il Winterreise di Schubert.

La storia e l'offerta formativa dell'Almo Collegio Borromeo

Collegio di merito più antico in Italia, l'Almo Collegio Borromeo è stato fondato da San Carlo a Pavia nel 1561 con l'obiettivo di permettere a studenti meritevoli, ma senza mezzi economici, di formarsi all'Università di Pavia. L'offerta del Borromeo include una Biblioteca, un Archivio Storico, sale studio, aule multimediali, attività sportive e servizi di vitto e alloggio. Selezionati annualmente tramite concorso, gli studenti hanno la possibilità di partecipare a corsi di approfondimento, conferenze e seminari con cui integrare il proprio curriculum. Il Borromeo, di cui è Rettore Alberto Lolli, è attivo anche in ambito internazionale grazie a collaborazioni con Università e Collegi, come il Corpus Christi College di Cambridge e l'Università di Salta in Argentina. È inoltre sede del Master in Cooperation & Development che ospita trenta studenti internazionali, garantendo numerose borse di studio. L'Almo Collegio Borromeo fornisce servizi di tutorato e tirocini per l'inserimento lavorativo degli studenti, ed è supportato dall'Associazione Alunni che cura la crescita professionale di questi ultimi. Organizza, inoltre, una stagione di musica da camera, un coro e un'orchestra, e ospita il corso annuale "Pavia Cello Academy". In ambito sportivo partecipa al Trofeo dei Collegi in diverse discipline. È un ente morale dal 1922, ed è accreditato e riconosciuto dal Ministero dell'Università e Ricerca Scientifica.

Tree Nuts Market Research Report by Size, Share, Business Strategies by 2024 Tue, 24 Mar 2020 12:45:55 +0100 suraj taur suraj taur Market Insight

The oils extracted from tree nuts such as almond oil, walnut oil and others are being extensively used in cosmetic industry for making various skincare products such as creams, lotions and others. The trend of vegan diet has induced high demand for tree nuts as they are used as a dairy substitute such as almond milk, cashew nut cheese and others. The increasing application of tree nuts in various industries such as food and beverage, cosmetic industry and others is propelling the expansion of the global tree nuts market. However, tree nut allergy is one of the most common food allergies occurring both in adults and children. Hence, allergic reaction towards tree nuts is likely to impact negatively on the growth of the global tree nuts market during the forecast period.   

The popularity of tree nuts has increased remarkably in the past few years and are used as one of the important components of healthy diet. There is a wide variety of tree nuts available in the global market which commonly includes almonds, cashew nuts, brazil nuts, walnuts, chestnuts, pistachios, pine nuts and others. The report published by Market Research Future states that the global tree nuts market is registered to expand steadily at a CAGR of 3.46% during the forecast period of 2014-2024.

The demand for tree nuts is skyrocketing in global market. Increasing awareness regarding the health benefits of tree nuts is inclining the health-conscious population towards inclusion of tree nuts in the daily diet. Tree nuts, being a good source of proteins, are being used worldwide in different types of cuisines. The increasing demand for tree nuts in food and beverage industry especially in bakeries, confectioneries and others is positively influencing the growth of the global tree nuts market.

Major Key Players

The prominent players profiled by MRFR in the report on the global Tree Nuts Market Size are Olam International Ltd. (Singapore), Diamond Foods, Inc. (the U.S.), Blue Diamond Growers (the U.S.), Golden Peanut Company Llc (the U.S.), Mariani Nut Company Inc. (the U.S.), Select Harvests Ltd. (Australia) and Waterford Nut Co. Inc. (the U.S.)

Industry Updates

In May 2018, Nicholas Farms, a premium tree nut farming operation, has their new product named 'Nic's Mix'. It's a combination of companies featured products such as premium almonds and salted pistachio kernels. Nic's Mix by Nicholas Farms is a union of high-quality pistachios and almonds in one special bag.

In May 2018, Stone Brewing, the largest brewery in Southern California, has moved beyond beer with the launch of NUTISTA, an artisanal, stone-ground nut butter line

Market Segmentation

The global tree nuts market has been segmented based on type, form and application. Based on type, the tree nuts market is segmented into Cashew nuts, Walnuts, Almonds, Chestnuts, Pistachios, Hazelnuts, Brazil Nuts and Others. Based on form, the tree nuts market is segmented into Whole, Roasted, Powder, Splits and Others. Based on application, the tree nuts market is segmented into direct consumption, culinary Purpose, Bakery and Confectionery, Breakfast Cereals, Snacks, Flavoured Drinks, Butter and Spread, Dairy Products and others.

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Pourriez-vous être persuadé d'apprendre l'art de la danse érotique? Mon, 23 Mar 2020 02:40:08 +0100 munloy munloy Ahem. Il y a des corps relativement nus après ce clic…! Juste un avertissement!

Mon amour pour le burlesque a atteint de nouveaux sommets cet après-midi. Quelles photographies incroyables, et une pièce parfaite pour mon thème qui met l'accent sur la célébration {non objectiver} de la beauté du corps féminin dans TOUT c'est la gloire cette semaine avec «Laid Bare…»

Un immense merci à toute l'équipe créative pour avoir partagé ce tournage vetement de soiree, Plusieurs photographes ont fourni les images de cette fonctionnalité, dans le cadre de cet atelier de prise de vue de style [comme indiqué ci-dessous). Si vous souhaitez participer à de futurs tournages stylisés, veuillez enregistrer votre intérêt sur la page Facebook de Styled Shoots.

Mesdames, discutez! Êtes-vous un fan burlesque? Pourriez-vous être persuadé d'apprendre l'art de la danse érotique? Ou ce type de divertissement n'est-il pas du tout votre sac?

Gemma und Tom wollten eine englische Hochzeit im Landhausstil Mon, 23 Mar 2020 01:19:22 +0100 leyo leyo

"Ich war ein religiöser Leser von Love My Dress - und ich habe immer noch ein oder zwei Höhepunkte von Zeit zu Zeit! Ich fand es äußerst inspirierend und voller wunderbarer und kreativer Ideen ..."  

Hallo allerseits Nur ein paar sehr schöne Fotos von einer Hochzeit, die ich heute Morgen mit Ihnen teilen wollte, die von Gemma und Tom, die am 10. September 2011 in der St. Mary's Church in Burford, Tenbury Well, zusammenkamen. Die Hochzeit fand in dem Dorf statt abendkleider lila, in dem Gemmas Eltern leben, und der Empfang fand im Haus von Gemmas Eltern mit einem Zelt in ihrem Garten statt ...

Gemma und Tom wollten eine Hochzeit in einem englischen Landhaus, also war Tee an der Tagesordnung, mit delikaten Sandwiches auf hübschen Vintage-Porzellantellern und köstlichen Kuchen. Ich mag die Art und Weise, wie dieses Paar verliebt aussieht, und ich denke, Gemma sieht aus wie der Inbegriff von Eleganz in ihrem hübschen Tabitha-Hochzeitskleid von Charlotte Balbier, einem Sally-Kauf von White Brides in Narberth ...

Non-Ionic Surfactants Market | Growth, Trends, Size, Demand, Key Player profile and Regional Outlook by 2025 Thu, 19 Mar 2020 10:34:00 +0100 Tejas Amale Tejas Amale Non-Ionic Surfactants Market– Overview

Non-Ionic Surfactants are surface active wetting agents that helps to reduce water surface tension. These surfactants offer superior wetting & detergency, emulsification, rinseability, low toxicity, and good handling properties. Some of the most commonly used non-ionic surfactants includes ethoxylated alcohol & alky-phenols, fatty acid esters, and glycerol esters among others. The product finds application in cleaning, food additives, cosmetics & personal care products, coatings, and pharmaceuticals among others.

The global non-ionic surfactants market is driven by rising demand for detergents form industries and households. The product is being increasingly used for hand dish washing, laundry, and hard surface cleaners owing to good wetting and detergency properties. Surging demand for cosmetics & personal care products across the regions is augmenting the market growth.

Asia Pacific accounted for the largest market share in the non-ionic surfactants market in 2017 and is expected to grow at significant rate during the review period. Growing industrialization and urbanization coupled with changing lifestyles and rising disposable income is another important factor driving the market growth in this region. Furthermore, rapidly growing cosmetics & personal care industry as a result of increasing demand for the cosmetics from the working population for personal grooming and appearance is fuelling the demand.

Furthermore, in the developed nations, the product consumption is growing in pharmaceutical industry owing to rising geriatric population coupled with high per capita income. Increasing R&D investment in pharmaceutical industry is stimulating the product demand in these regions further.  

Non-Ionic Surfactants Market- Competitive Landscape

The global Non-Ionic Surfactants Market is at nascent stage and is expected to witness considerable growth owing to rapidly expanding industrial base in the Asia Pacific region during the review period.

Some of the growing trends notices among the market players includes new product invention, capacity expansion and acquisitions. For instance, BASF SE will expand its alkyl polyglucosides (APG) production capacity at sites in China, U.S., Ohio, and JInshan. This will help the company to meet the customer demands for surfactants with different specifications in the Asia Pacific region.

Industry/ Innovation/ Related News:

Feb 9, 2018- BASF SE will expand its alkyl polyglucosides (APG) production capacity along with two production improvement projects at sites in China, U.S., Ohio, and JInshan. The capacity expansion at Jinshan site has been started in order to meet the need for surfactants in personal and home care applications in the Asia Pacific region.

July 31, 2017- Croda International Plc, a specialty chemical company acquired Enza Biotech having technology for making non-ionic sugar-based surfactants from carbohydrates.

March 24, 2017- Evonik launched next generation Grind Aid non-ionic surfactant under the brand name Carbowet GA-200 with low-zero volatile organic compounds (VOC). This product will help to comply with the regulations set by the environmental protection agency to reduce VOC emissions.

December 08, 2015 - Croda International Inc, announced nearly USD 140 million investment in North America to produce 100% sustainable non-ionic surfactants form bio-ethanol.


The Global Non-Ionic Surfactants market is segmented on the basis of type, application, end users, and region.

Based on the type, the market is segmented into alcohol ethoxylates, fatty alkanolamides, amine derivatives, glycerol derivatives, and others.

Based on application, market is segmented into cleaners, emulsion, additives, and others. On the other hand, based on end user, the market is segmented into food & beverages, paint & coatings, oilfield, textiles, personal care, household, and others.

Based on region, this market is segmented into APAC, North America, Europe, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.

Regional Analysis:

Geographically, Asia Pacific accounts for the largest market share in Non-Ionic Surfactants Market growth. Increasing per capita income of the growing middle class especially in household, and personal care industry is reason to drive the non-ionic surfactants market in this region. Upgraded lifestyle, increasing cost of living and rising population have fostered the adoption of surfactants in various industries, such as personal care, soaps & detergents, and pharmaceutical industry; therefore, boosting the growth of the this industry. North America holds the second position for non-ionic surfactants market and is another profitable market in terms of value and volume after APAC. UK, Canada, and United Mexican States led the demand for non-ionic surfactants in this region.

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