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The world-renowned "LOHAS" leading lululemon sale canada fashion brands easyoga, recently established trading company in China Xu Bai international fashion, green fashion to lead the Mainland.

Healthy eating habits is to stick to eating only dairy vegetable foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, grains, dairy products and honey, but not irritating and depressing food. Though change has long been forming eating habits is very difficult, but you still want to attempt to adhere to these principles to do, after a few months, you'll be able to experience the benefits. If you decide to reduce or stop eating meat, so it is necessary to give the body enough time to adjust to the new diet. Healthy eating habits are the most important thing is, as far as taking it when the food in the most natural state, then food is the freshest and most nutritious and full of energy. Such foods are not only easy to digest, and they can also speed up slow digestion, the bowel healthy.* Ingest plenty of fruits, vegetables and soy products* Choose fresh food, not eating frozen, processed or canned and processed agricultural products.* Moderate intake of nuts and seeds for food, they can provide the body with essential fatty acids and protein.* Choose whole-grain bread or pasta as much as possible.* Select natural yoghurt.* Use honey instead of sugar, jujubes and dried 2014 Cheap Lululemon Canada Outlet Online - Lululemon Cyber Monday fruit products used to replace desserts, if possible, use carob instead of chocolate.* Eat a variety of foods.* Avoid embalmed, add pigments and food additives.* Avoid greasy or fried foods.* Cut down on red meat and JI meat intake, mainly eat fish, because fish easier to digest. If you want to eat chicken and eggs, choose free-range kind.* No matter what you eat, slowly chewing food carefully. Digestive process from the moment food enters the mouth, mixed in with all kinds of food with saliva. As long as you chew enough bad stomach can digest anything.

Yoga is called "modified foods", provide heat as well as stimulate the body and mind. These foods cause irritation and contains caffeine. Refined sugar, onions, garlic, peppers, and anyone with a strong taste, such as sweet, sour, bitter, pungent and salty ingredients or condiments. If you consume too much pungent food, it will stimulate the endocrine and nervous systems, excited the brain, thereby contrary to the Yoga calm contentment.

When practicing yoga at the beginning, it is very painful. I find I am stiff, where they hurt. To see someone else in place of action, envy. Coach told me: "don't talk to others, in the limits of your own actions, stay awhile, let yourself enjoy the painful feeling of acids, over time, you will also achieve their effect. "At the same time you enjoy the pain of bone-stretching, you learned the mysteries of life: life is a process of transcending oneself, any ambitious, unrealistic fantasy woes, are meaningless.Yoga is all about breathing, breathing, abdominal breathing method is used. Keep your mouth shut, let the breath through his nose and slowly entered, skorshoesnike by the nose to the throat to the chest to the abdomen, abdomen slightly elevated. Stay awhile, then slowly through chest abdomen and throat nostril, exhale again. Breathe fresh oxygen and exhaled carbon dioxide is muddy. Every course of action should be combined with the breath, don't hold your breath, keep breathing smooth. Life is for relief, you must learn to Rehan, don't let anger cloud fills the heart and lung lululemon cyber monday sale s, always draw fresh nutrients nourish ourselves.The essentials of yoga, apart from the breath, when the Act is, at any time and don't forget: should straighten our backs. Sitting, standing, stretching ... ... Keep the neck, waist and back in a straight line. Always keep leading up temperament, maintain a straight uninhibited attitude, like a cliff top jinsong. Only you straight back, you can breathe smoothly, can be stretched to its fullest in order to keep the mind and body in a high State of alert. Yoga tells us: be pos Lululemon Athletica Yoga Astro Pants Grey Pink 138-QU itive in life, to stand up, stand straight, and always keep a desire. 

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