Beasts of the WOW Nagrand

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Last week, finally the long-anticipated fifth expansion of WOW Gold: Warlords of Draenor was released. Players now can take your adventure into the unearthly lands. Among these, there is a region called Nagrand where is filled with fertile fields, beautiful rolling plains and most diverse species on Draenor. Let’s meet the beasts of the Nagrand.

The Pale. When young orc shaman from around the world come of age, they make a pilgrimage to the Throne of Elements to seek the blessings of the lemental spirits. The entire journey is filled with risk, but the ceremony itself is the most dangerous time of an orc’s life. It’s not clear what happens to those who are not strong enough and succumb to terrible visions and unearthly whispers during what should be the triumph of their young life. Those orcs who fall to the otherworldly voices flee their clan and become the Pale.

Saberon. Few creatures embody the savagery of Draenor as much as the saberon, vaguely feline beasts who have adapted to nearly all of this world’s diverse environments. From the icy caverns of Frostfire to the steamy jungles of Tanaan to the maze-like rocky outcroppings of Nagrand, there’s not a niche that the ferocious saberon haven’t conquered. Saberon outwardly appear more advanced than beasts.

Clefthoof, large enough to quake the ground, covered with a thick valuable pelt and armed with enormous tusks, are a hunter’s most treasured prize and worst nightmare rolled into one. The meat of a single adult clefthoof can feed an orc clan for days, but their inclination to travel in large packs makes them dangerous prey-beware their devastating headbutt or swiping attacks with their formidable tusks.

The Elementals of Draenor. Whereas the elements of Azeroth are in constant conflict, the elements of Draenor strive for balance within themselves. This is especially evident in the Throne of Elements in Nagrand, where the greatest elemental furies of Draenor have convened peacefully since the dawn of the world.

Once you enter into the Warlords of Draenor, before or after you go into the Nagrand, you will encounter with these savage creatures. Beware that they are dangerous, please gear yourself

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