Started to Introduce Japanese Sex Dolls to Customers Within A Few Months

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Sex doll is still in production

Founder and CEO of Digital Payment Services. Co-founder and CEO of the e-commerce site. The former founder of the digital payment application, the company was acquired and is now the founder of the membership credit card center. Brent said that most of the requests his company received were to copy a living person, including actors, actresses and models. However, these requests were rejected because it required permission from the person.

The sex doll is still in production and the company plans to start rolling out to customers within a few months. However, according to the theory of Strongman, this trend will not last long, because the crazy feminists will get out of the woods in 2020:

President Brent Lawson tells us that his company offers more than 30 bodies and 100 different facial options. This gives customers the opportunity to customize a female, male or transgender doll before building a Japanese sex doll for them. The mad woman came out and the silicon was inside. First of all, the F word is "feminism."

Mini Flat Chest TPE Sex Doll

First, he kindly admits that feminism has promoted economic development in some way: single women consume more because they are not alone. Mr. Lawson also stated that the “bent” body is the most popular requirement among its customers.

A typical GYNOID doll weighs between 65 and 80 pounds, and some models weigh more than 100 pounds. Although some people may think that these weights are not heavy, they are actually because they are heavy.

The person behind one of India’s greatest entrepreneurial stories has just turned a deaf ear on Twitter. On October 9, the co-founder of India's largest local e-commerce brand (now owned by Wal-Mart) recommended Twitter accounts to its followers and provided them with a stronger recommendation for TPE sex doll. He said: "Everyone" should follow this statement and add: "If you want, women can follow."

Mr. Lawson's company currently offers more than 30 bodies and 100 different facial options. He also offers customers the option of customizing female, male or transgender dolls before creating a "flat chested love dolls" for them.

He told the Daily Star: "I think there is still a long way to go before we can not only improve the AI ​​part, but also improve the rest of the technology (to make it difficult for dolls/robots to distinguish human capabilities). Leading Manufacturers swear that in a few short years, the mini 100cm doll will be difficult to share with humans.

In another Twitter topic, he suggested that as testosterone levels fall, “women become more crazy because they don’t have good men, and all isolation hurts them more.” “More” crazy, yes ? All these enlightened materials are also well accepted.

Sex dolls have become more realistic and have become popular. VR (Virtual Reality) has become surreal. This has greatly hurt feminists, who can no longer find partners from pure numbers. I think that as time goes by, feminism will fall. People will replace them with silicon.

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